Annick Crestdair 💙

A story of Annie Cresta's experience in the hunger games and her first meeting with Finnick Odair the love of her life. The story follows Annie face her fears and be brave but what will happen that is so dreadful that will change her life forever?

There is a Sequel to this Movella. Annick Crestdair: The Victory Tour


12. The Last Night

The next day I wake up early. I realise I'm in the clothes I wore last night and the sheets on my bed haven't been slept in. Finnick must have left when I fell asleep. I don't want to go out there, I want to stay in my room so I don't have to face Raff. Deep down his words did hurt me. He made me feel like I am a bad person. I lay down for a couple more hours as I am still slightly tired. I am woken when the prep team walks in. Annabeta looks stressed, I don't see why. 'Annie come on get up we need to get you showered so we can start your make up we never had chance to try it out last night' says Virgil. I don't know what else there is to do so I quickly shower and change into some casual clothes, for them to do my make up. Annabeta brings in a huge case full of different colours and scary looking tools. I guess they will do it similar to the way it was for the chariot ride. I am wrong as instead of using blue colours they use creams and pearl colours. I prefer that it reminds me of the shells I used to collect from the beach at home when I was younger. I am scared when she pulls out some weird tool and grasps my eyelashes with it. I ask her what she is doing but she just ignores me as she is concentrating. Once they are done they are both evaluating it and making slight alterations. I thought it was done now until Virgil says 'you can take it off now Annie we will have to re -do it later before we do your hair. I take some of it off and leave a light layer over my eyelids. I wait in my room for a while deciding whether or not to go out. I finally decide to as I realise I have every right to. I sit down with a drink and look round for Raff, thankfully I see no sign of him. But I do see Finnick walk in, which Is honestly better. He stands behind the sofa I am sitting on. 'How are you feeling today?' He asks. 'Ok I guess... Thankyou for staying with me' I say. 'Oh yeah no problem, your eyes look nice' he says. I don't think they look very good now I have wiped most of it off. 'Oh thanks there was more make up' I say. 'There shouldn't be you don't need it' he says with a smirk. 'Are they trying to make you look like a mermaid again?' He says laughing. I remember our conversation about this a few days ago, it has gone so quickly since then. 'Can I ask you something?' I say. He sits down beside me 'sure' he says. 'What did they ask you in your interview?' I ask. 'Well it was so long ago Er... They talked about my outfit and they asked me how I would feel if I won, and if I was nervous, just things like that' he replies. 'Oh yeah... I'm scared' I say. He locks his eyes on mine again and says 'there's no need to be, just be yourself'. I don't know what to say, I don't think before I notice my arms are around him hugging him as I realise I may never see him again. 'Its ok' he says. I hold him tighter when Virgil walks in 'Annie we have to start getting you ready now' he says. I sigh and stand up leaving Finnick. As I walk away he smiles and I smile back.

I sit in a chair in the dressing room while I have three people around me. Annabeta doing my make up, Virgil doing my hair and Urina has just walked in and he is telling me about the dress and shoes he is putting me in. I am still so nervous, I can't think straight and I still feel guilty about Raff. I haven't seen him all day. I sit there for about an hour. When I'm done I notice the time, it will start soon and people will be lining up backstage. Urina takes me to dress me, I don't really look at the dress when it's being put on, I would rather wait until it is on. He gives me some high cream coloured shoes, which are strangely quite comfy. Once I'm done i take a first look in the mirror. The dress is like two dresses. It is a tight dress from my shoulders to the middle of my thighs, and it is the same colour as my shoes and covered in pearls. From the end of the dress there is a cream skirt made from thinner, netted material that hits the floor but shows my legs. I feel comfortable and not half naked like last time. We head down to the stage and we wait backstage in order of districts.

I stand behind the boy from three. Two people walk past and I recognise one as Tacita from district two. I turn to face the wall as I don't want him to talk to me again. The girl gets into the line and Tacita immaturely whistles at me. I don't take him seriously as I know they see me as that young innocent one that they can torment, even though we are probably the same age. I know they will be the first to try and kill me in the games. Although if I had dealt with him differently before the chariots then I may have been grouping up with them in the games. I turn back and I see Raff approaching. He stands behind me. I feel awkward like he will start yelling at me any minute. I felt weird when he shouted at me as we are from the same district we are supposed to stick together. We stand in silence for some time. Ceasar Flickerman introduces the interviews. 'Welcome to the Eve of the 70th Hunger games!' He says. A cheer fills the building. 'Tonight is a big night for us all, an even bigger night for our 24 tributes' he says. 'Please welcome to the stage from district one Greggor' he says and Greggor walks straight on the stage. 'Annie' I hear someone say. I turn around and Raff continues 'look i...I'm sorry I didn't mean what I said yesterday I... I know you only try to help me but I feel weak and I'm not a good fighter, your right' he says. I understand why he said all those things because he thinks I'm a better fighter, but I'm not well I don't feel like I am. 'Raff I didn't mean to put you down I'm no expert in fighting, you are better than you think you are and I was hurt by what you said but I know why you said it' I say. 'You are a good fighter I look up to you, you fight really well and I've hardly ever picked up a weapon, I don't really think your a traitor' he smiles. 'Well thank you for that' I say with a laugh. 'Yeah I'm sorry good luck with your interview' he says. 'You too' I reply. I let out a sigh of relief I can finally stop worrying about him and focus on the games tomorrow. The girl from district three is called up and I stand waiting by the steps.

'Shes from district four please welcome Annie Cresta' says Caesar. I begin to climb the four steps onto stage. Every bone in my body is shaking, I'm so nervous. I hold the skirt of my dress to avoid tripping on it. I take a deep breath and walk up to Caesar's welcoming hand. I stand with him in the centre of the stage. 'Wow! welcome Annie you look brilliant!' He says. I am slightly nervous still but manage to raise my voice to talk. 'Aw thank you Caesar, must say you do too!' I say with a laugh. I hear the audience add a laugh, which relieves me. I figure that if I compliment him I will seem more confident than I am. 'Too kind! So how are you feeling about tomorrow?' He says cheerfully. I think before I speak, I want to act like I'm not afraid even though I'm wasting away inside from worry and fear. 'Well as ready as I can be, I hope' I say, I am laughing with every sentence so I don't bore anyone or seem sad. 'Well that's what we like to hear is it not everyone?' He asks the audience, they all carry on cheering like they have for everyone. 'Now Annie is there a special guy back home, because I know there is someone worthy of you in this dazzling dress' he asks. I feel nervous like if I answer they will laugh. I realise there is not anyone special back in four that I spend much time with. 'Oh no I don't think so' I say, I am eager to get this interview over with. 'No!? No one you have taken a fancy too?' He asks. I think. Has there been any one recently? Of course. Finnick. 'Well I... I guess there's someone I have recently grown close to' I say with a sigh and a smile trying to end the interview. 'Brilliant well we wish you the best of luck' he says. 'Thank you Caesar' I say quietly. 'Ladies and gentlemen... Annie' he says. I take that as my cue to leave, so I walk across the stage and wave on my way down the opposite steps as I hear him introduce Raff. I see him, Finnick, waiting on the other side with Tweena and Urina, who attends to my dress, spreading it out at the back so it looks right. Finnick has a giant smile on his face that he can't seem to hide. He walks up to me. 'That was good you did great' he says. 'Really? I didn't really know what to say' I reply. 'Yes it was fine well done' he says. I smile relieved it's over and I did ok, I hope Raff feels that way. I feel happy even though the games are tomorrow, I see hope. 'Do you want to go back up to your floor?' He asks. 'Shouldn't we wait for Raff?' I say. 'Oh so you have made up with him?' He asks. 'Yeah there's no point in arguing since the games are tomorrow' i say. We are silent for a second. I think. The games are tomorrow. This time tomorrow I will be in that arena fighting for my life or I will be dead. The thought scares me so I forget about it. 'No we don't have to wait for him, he has Tweena' he says smiling. I feel awkward does that mean just me and him me will be in there alone? The games are tomorrow why not? 'Ok then' I say, and we head to the elevator.

When we walk in I realise I have to change I can't stay in this long dress. 'Im just going to change this dress is so uncomfortable' I say. He nods. I walk in my room and change, I wear a blue top, I love blue ad it reminds me of the sea at home. I walk out and Finnick is no where to be seen. A strike of worry goes through me before i realise the balcony door is open as I walk closer I see him standing by the railings looking over the view. I walk out and join him. I feel like I can be myself with him, I wonder if he feels the same way. I stand next to him my arm touching his as we look at the night sky. 'Finnick, I'm scared' I say. It's true I am I may be happy to be with him but the thought of the games never leaves me it haunts me and follows me like a ghost. He wraps his hand around mine and our fingers lock in place. He looks at me and holds my hand tighter. 'I know you don't have to hide it and you don't have to be strong, you don't have to keep secrets from me' he says, his words reassure me, I know he understands how i feel, as he has been in my position before. 'I know, i keep thinking about this time tomorrow, I could be dead' I say, I am freaked out by that thought. He turns to me and puts his hands on my shoulders. 'Now you have to listen to me that's not going to happen your strong, I believe in you, I'm going to do everything I can to gain you sponsors, but you have to do everything you can to get away from the cornocopia with some weapons, do you understand?' He says his voice serious. 'Yes I will do my best but you don't have to help get me sponsors' I say. 'I do, I have to' he says. 'Why?' I ask. He looks down as though he is scared to talk or embarrassed. He is still serious and he seems like he is as upset as I am. 'Well I guess there's someone I have recently started to grow close to as well' he recites my lines to Caesar. This is the happiest I have ever felt but the other half of me is the saddest I have ever felt. I feel safe with him but that will be gone soon, as soon as the cannon goes off i could be gone. I realise this may be my last chance to see him, to hold him, and my last and first chance to kiss him. I feel he is thinking the same thing as he looks me in the eye and holds my face while his lips press against mine. I wrap my arms around his neck and he slides his hands down to hold my waist. He feels warm like home. I want to stay in this moment forever, but I can't the games are approaching. He pulls away but his arms remain around me. 'I had to do that I thought before it's too late' he says I lean in and whisper 'I know'. He sees tears in my eyes and brushes them away with his hand before they can fall down my face. He stands back and puts his hand in his pocket searching for something. 'I found you something earlier' he says his voice soft. He pulls out a thin silver chain and I see a smaller charm hanging of it with a green gem stone in the middle. 'This is for you and as long as you have it I am with you and you are safe' he says. I pull my hair to the side and he fastens it around my neck. I hold it in my hand and close my eyes. 'Thankyou' I say and hold him before I walk inside to sleep before the worst day and maybe the last day of my life.

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