Annick Crestdair 💙

A story of Annie Cresta's experience in the hunger games and her first meeting with Finnick Odair the love of her life. The story follows Annie face her fears and be brave but what will happen that is so dreadful that will change her life forever?

There is a Sequel to this Movella. Annick Crestdair: The Victory Tour


9. Scores

I wake early the next day. I know I said I didn't feel nervous, but part of me is. If the game makers don't give me a good score I will probably not have much chance in gaining many sponsors. I change into the training suite I have been given and wear the grey and blue jacket that matches. I meet Raff once I'm ready and we are taken down to the waiting room. It's quite a small room considering there are 24 of us. We have all got a small, black, metal stall to sit on. And they call the names one by one. We are four so that means I will probably be the 8th person to be called out as they are asking the boys first. I sit with Raff in the corner they have assigned us to. I see Nora with her fellow district member three rows in front of us. We exchange a smile and a look of encouragement. I see the idiots from one and two. They look like they are excited to be called out. They call the boy from one and he walks straight through the doors without hesitating the other three smiling and giving him a last few words, to motivate him. Time starts to go quickly before they call out Raff. He walks out straight away as though he is eager to get it over with. Before he left I wished him good luck. I am not sure what he will do to be scored. I assume it will be something to do with his knowledge of nature as I haven't seen him do anything else in training that he is confident with. It is near ten minutes before they call out my name. That means it took him ten minutes, what did he do? How long are they supposed to last? I walk in. The room is dim and mainly black and grey I see a box on the wall where all the gamemakers are gathered. They have luxury at their back and call. Food, drinks and they are all laughing and chatting like they are having a good time. I see the head gamemaker Seneca Crane is the only person watching me as I walked in. 'You may start your skill you have a maximum of ten minutes' he says. I walk into the centre of the room. My mind is about to burst while I decide what to do. I decide to throw knives as I know what I'm doing. I pick up resources and line up three body targets. I stand about four metres away. I look at Seneca and check he is watching. I look back to the target. My eyes focused on the red dot where the heart would be. I toss the knife through the air while aiming at the dot. I brace myself as I see where it hit. A huge sense of relief fills me when I look and see the small knife right in the heart on the target. More people look at me and wait for the next one. I do the same again and hit the target in the head. On the third target I decide to change my skill slightly and move further backward. I aim for the heart again. This time double the length back. I toss the knife and watch it travel through the air. It hits the board with a thud and misses the heart dot but is close enough. They look impressed enough. I see them return to chatting and eating so I decide to leave. I don't see Raff on my way out so I assume we are to go straight back to our floor.

When I get back I walk to the main room to look for Raff. I find him on the sofa opposite the dining table in the other room. He looks miserable. I walk over and sit next to him. 'Hey how did yours go?' I ask. 'Ok I guess...what about you?' He replies. I sense he is not happy with what he did so I would feel bad to rub it in that i think mine went alright. 'Yeah same really did knife throwing, what's wrong?' I say. He looks up and seems like something is bothering him 'Im just worried about the scores, they are going to tell everyone on live air and what if it is the lowest score?' He says. 'Dont worry about that! It won't be the lowest score I'm sure you did brilliantly!' I say. I think back to what Finnick said and recite it to Raff. 'Never say you can't do something' and I add 'believe in yourself'. He looks up and let's out a small smirk 'I wish I was more like you' he says. 'Like what?' I ask. 'You just take everything as it comes and don't care what people say or think and you are brave' he says. He is wrong I'm not like that, if I was I wouldn't be losing hours of sleep because I can't stop worrying. I am terrified of the games I can't stop thinking about how scared I am! I don't want to say this to him so instead I just say 'well that's just because I don't stand for any rubbish!' We laugh for a bit until Tweena walks in. She is so nervous about our scores. An average score will be 6, then 7 and 8 are good and 9-10 will be brilliant. All I want is an average score. It will be a while before they are released as some of the other tributes are still being evaluated. I hope Nora did ok, I think she might have done something with camouflage, she was brilliant at it.

After a couple of hours it is announced that the results are about to be released so we all gather round the screen to watch. Before it starts we are joined by Finnick who stands behind the sofa and behind me. He is about to talk when they start revealing the scores for district one.

I see Caesar Flickerman with a mic in his hand as he call out the tributes from 1 with their pictures on the screen. One got 9 and one gets 10. It doesn't surprise me. Then I hear Caesar say Tacita and the girl from two. Both scoring 10. I sit and wait in anticipation waiting for our district to be called out. Since one and two it has mainly been sixes and sevens that have been awarded so ours should hopefully be the same. After the girl from three is given his score, I wait. 'And District 4' says Caesar. I look at Raff 'don't worry' I say. Caesar begins to speak again. 'Raff Canvar...' I feel nervous for him more than I am for myself. I know how much this means to him. '...with a score of... 6' says

Caesar. 6 that's an average that's good enough. 'Well done Raff that's good!' I say my eyes still staring at the screen as I know I'm coming up next. 'Thats ok we can boost that well done' says Tweena. A few other people mutter a few words of well done. I pull my hand up to my chin, I am worried, what if I didn't do enough? I feel a hand tap my shoulder and see Finnick. 'It will be fine don't worry' he says with a smile. I turn back and my eyes return to the screen. Caesar talks again 'Annie Cresta...with a score of...' I am almost shaking so I fold my arms to hide it. '...9' he finishes. A great sigh of relief goes through me. 9 that's better than good, what did I do to deserve that. 'Thats amazing well done!' Says Raff. 'That is brilliant darling come here' says Tweena and I stand up as she gives me a hug. I feel slightly dazed I can't believe I got nine! Finnick walks up to me and before I can say anything he wraps his arms around me in an embrace. His arms remain around me when he says 'that's amazing I believe in you' he let's go and gives me a smile. 'Thank you' I say. I'm not quite sure what I could say back to that. I feel so happy when he says something like that. I return to my seat and request for the scores to be left on as I want to see what Nora got. They all start asking me what I did. But I feel guilty as no one seems bothered about what Raff did. In reply to them I say 'oh just threw knives... What about you Raff?'. He looks up as though he wasn't part of the conversation until I spoke to him. 'Me? Just showed my knowledge of nature' he says. I don't really know what he means. 'So where did the knives hit?' asks Tweena. I tell her what I did in front of the gamemakers and how missed the last one but still got a 9. They continue to ask questions, when Caesar reads out the tributes from 7. I listen in for Nora. The boy gets a 9 like me. Then he reads out Nora's name, I hope she did ok. The others don't seem to be watching I think I am the only one. '7' says Caesar. I let out a similar sigh of relief as I did for myself. Then I realise the others don't care about what she got so I try to act subtle. I am so happy for her that's classed as good.

Later on we have a celebratory meal, which I'm sure every other tribute gets. I sit next to Finnick. The whole table is still talking about the scores. I try the drink I front of me which Is a sort of Acid green colour I pull a face as I am scared to drink it. 'Pretty repulsive right?' Says Finnick. I laugh 'yeah it looks like toxic waste' I say and he laughs. I find it awkward when he talks to me in front of other people like I don't know what to say. 'Well done again, you are as good as the trained idiots from one and two' he says. 'Thankyou and I'm not though I don't go round calling him from 1 blonde I am not like them' I reply. He smiles and says 'no you may be be physically as trained as they are but you are nothing like them, they are arrogant you are kind, they only care about themselves and you put others first' I feel slightly embarrassed by what he is saying so I use my hand to cover the smile on my face. I think he notices as he pulls my hand away to see me smile. 'I could go on' he jokes. 'Please don't' I say. 'Its true though you are like that' he says. I feel happy and the smile remains on my face. 'Stop it' I joke and push his arm. We laugh for a little while. I look across the table at Raff and see him lift his eyebrows as though he has figured something out. I ignore him and return to my toxic concoction in the glass in front of me.

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