Annick Crestdair 💙

A story of Annie Cresta's experience in the hunger games and her first meeting with Finnick Odair the love of her life. The story follows Annie face her fears and be brave but what will happen that is so dreadful that will change her life forever?

There is a Sequel to this Movella. Annick Crestdair: The Victory Tour


17. Plan of Attack

I hope this plan works it's our only hope. I'm dripping from the heat and I'm stuck in this tight suite that is not helping. We walk for a couple of hours trying to find our way back to the cornocopia. I lead the way as I remember the way down the tree line. 'How have you been coping?' Raff asks me as he catches up slightly. Honestly terrible, sad, scared, nervous I have never felt so much before. But I know this isn't the time for talking about my feelings so I say 'ok I guess, I'm just dealing with it, what about you?' I ask. He laughs a little like he knows I'm lying 'yeah same I suppose' he says. 'Sorry again for the other day I was wrong about her' he says quietly nodding to Nora. 'You trust her right?' I ask him. 'Yeah deffinately I'm sure if she wanted me gone she would have done it by now' he says. I laugh. 'Did you think I would make it this far?' I ask. 'You, yes deffinately you were amazing in training!' He says. 'Thank you you too' I say. We stop talking when we come closer and I see it the cornocopia through the gap in the trees. Part of me feels sad when I think of all the people that would have died in this vicinity.

We walk closer to it and stay hidden behind some trees. 'Right what's the plan?' Raff says. 'We go round and each of us stays at different points around the cornocopia, one of us needs to act as bate' I say quietly. 'Ill do it' Nora says. 'No I will' says Raff. 'Guys I can or one of you to can we need to pick one of us we can't waste any time' I say. 'Me please let me I can do this' Nora says. 'Are you sure?' Raff asks. 'Yeh... What do I need to do' Nora says. 'We need a distraction so have you got any Ideas' I say. 'Why don't you just run across that line of trees, be loud and disruptive to attract their attention, that will hopefully make them leave their area, giving us an advantage in killing them without them knowing we are near' Raff says. 'Ok that could work and you two will be on either end?' She asks. 'Yes, we will follow behind the tree line to avoid them seeing us, and then we can hopefully get to them, I can always distract them again if it gets too risky but get your weapons ready' I say. I hope this works I don't know what else we can do, I don't want to tell the others but I'm terrified, not just of the plan but the thought of physically killing someone else, no matter who they are, the idea of taking their lives haunts me. I realise I have to remain calm and I can't think about how guilty I would feel if I killed them and instead think that they deserve it as they are responsible for most of the deaths in this arena. But is it their fault? They don't hold the games that's president snow, he puts us through this pain and torture and for what. For entertainment, seeing youngsters die is somehow entertaining. I have thought about this before but only now am I realising I am involved in this awful scheme. I stop thinking when Raff asks 'Are we going now?'. 'Maybe we should wait I mean we don't know for definite that the are there' I say, again knowing I will feel guilty if I kill them. 'No we go now they are in a hurry to end it and even if they aren't theres no harm anyway, think of what they have done Annie they deserve this they are a threat to us' Nora says. I take a minute to take in what she said. She's right but it still feels wrong. When I saw the young girl die it was like I had to kill the boy that did it but I don't feel that way with the careers. I see I have no choice when Raff says 'Ok let's go'. We get ready and I count '1...2...3, go' I say to Nora. She runs and me and Raff split up.

I have knives attached to me and 3 in my hands. As Nora approaches the trees I hear her breathing and gasping heavily to get their attention. I look over to Raff and he nods as if to say he is ready. I do the same. When she runs through the trees I see them. The 3 tributes from one and two. The girl stays while the two guys go to see who it is. They approach the trees as Nora just did. I know they will get her I have to distract them. They are approaching her quickly I don't know what to do so I let out a scream as though I'm in pain. I doubt it will help but a few seconds later they come running straight in my direction until they split up and Greggor goes back to the tree line. Tacita is coming towards me. I don't think he sees me so I run before he can. I see Raff and head for him. He just stands there unaware of what is going on. I see Nora running towards him in the opposite direction. This plan has failed we have to get out of here, we can't take them down why didn't we realise this. I dont stop running I see Tacita far behind and I don't think he has seen me. As I approach Raff I stop in my tracks. I see him the guy. From Nora's district. He's running behind Raff approaching him. He doesn't notice he just focuses on me why doesn't he notice? 'Raff!' I scream 'Raff' 'behi...' I begin to tell him Drew is behind him. 'Annie what...' He says before he stops. For good, he stops. He falls to his knees and I see the light leave his eyes as Drew's sword strikes straight through his neck.

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