Annick Crestdair 💙

A story of Annie Cresta's experience in the hunger games and her first meeting with Finnick Odair the love of her life. The story follows Annie face her fears and be brave but what will happen that is so dreadful that will change her life forever?

There is a Sequel to this Movella. Annick Crestdair: The Victory Tour


4. Mermaid dress

I'm dressed by Urina my stylist. He puts me in a long aqua blue dress down to the floor. I am very nervous when I look in the mirror and see the top part around my waist is see through. It goes right to the top of my thighs and I feel so exposed. I guess I'm meant to look like a mermaid or something as my hair is brought around my face so the ends reach my waist to cover my chest. They have also given me some very high shoes which I am not used to. I manage to get to the chariot and stand alone while I wait for Raff to join me. I am shocked when i see someone behind me. He walks up to me its him from 2 therefore I don't like him. What is he doing?

'Hey red' he says. What is he trying to nickname me? 'Nice costume' he says looking me down and staring. I flinch to try and break his stare. 'What do you want?' I say. 'Nothing just admiring' he says. Who does he think he is? I hate people like him. After he looks me down again he says 'hmm... Wanna be allies?'

'I think I can pick out who I want to ally with for myself thankyou' I say. He laughs and moves closer to me. He puts his hand on my shoulder. He needs to leave me alone otherwise I will say something that will probably put me in a bad position in the arena but is that what he wants? 'Ha well you had your chance' he says then extends his hand to my hip he whispers in my ear 'remember that'. I get more angry and say

'Get your hand off me!' And push his arm away. He laughs. I see Finnick approach us. 'Whats going on here?' He says. He walks away but doesn't fails to leave me with a threat 'watch yourself'. Finnick looks at me bewildered 'what's going on your shouting at other tributes already it's like you want to die' he says. He laughs as I don't look impressed. 'He wouldn't leave me alone' I say. 'Well I'm er... Not surprised they have kind of made you look half... Naked' he says laughing. 'Its supposed to be a... Mermaid!' I say walking off. I soon have to return to the chariot. I climb on and stand next to Raff.

When we go through the doors I look down to Raff and see the worried expression on his face. I grab his wrist in an act of encouragement. 'It will be fine look like you don't care about why your here, look proud to be from 4' I say. I let go of his wrist and the hunger games anthem starts to play as we see the crowds of people cheering and screaming. People look at each chariot going by and examine our outfits and one by one. Probably picking their favourite, that is one of the purposes of this chariot ride. Another one being to gain sponsors, people to help us in the games. We're half way down the track to the end where I see the back wall where all the important people sit. In the middle I see him, the reason we are all here, the biggest fan of the hunger games. President Snow. A slight smile on his face. I wave and smile to the audience I hope people like me I haven't done anything so far for them not to. We reach the final circle and go past thousands of more fans. We hear someone approach the mic. 'Welcome to the 70th year of the hunger games' says the man, Caesar Flickerman, I believe. He mentions all the districts and we all stand there while they look down on us.

I am relieved when the chariot starts again for the exit doors. When we come to a halt I step out and we are taken to the lift by our representative Tweena, she takes us to our floor, floor 42 of this giant, luxury building. I have someone waiting for me in the suit to help me dress into something more appropriate and I hope, something that will cover me up. Once I am ready I return to the main section to the large dinner table which is a funky orange colour and has 8 odd shaped chairs around it. Tweena sits at the head of the table and the two people from our prep teams Annabeta and Virgil sit on the one side with Urina. Raff sits with Finnick on his left side on the other half off the table. I take a seat to his right. Finnick and Raff exchange laughs. What is funny? I think. 'So Erm... You finally got changed?' Says Finnick in a jokingly voice. He lets out a large laugh. I tilt my head and act like I am not bothered. Raff laughs again. 'Well I seriously don't know what your problem is that dress was stunning showing every sparkle in the light very in trend right now everyone just everyone is wearing sequins' says Virgil, in an overwhelmed tone. Everyone here seems to appreciate Capitol fashion a lot more than me. Virgil has pink hair carefully set and combed from the middle and Annabeta is as bad, her hair is a light sort if purple and she has paper crafted twigs attached to clips around her hair. Her whole outfit is tree themed which makes me think she is a fan of district 7, Lumber. Finnick looks over at me as though he is still amused. I have a wide selection of food in front of I don't know what to pick it all looks so nice and there is so much of if I would hate for it to be wasted. I know many people back in 4 that would love a feast like this, which makes me feel guilty even though I'm the one going into the games.

After we eat I join Raff in the main room. I sit beside him on the orange sofa that is the main feature of the room. He looks happier than he did yesterday, that makes me happy. He seems to have dealt with the fact he was picked. 'So having fun?' I say with a laugh. He smiles and says 'as much as I can, at least we are being treated like royalty'. I agree it's like they want to give us everything they can because they know it will be the last chance for 23 of us to be treated like royalty. 'Yeah except for the wacky theme here and the crazy outfits they are putting us in, oh and not to forget the amount of food they are force feeding us!' I say. He laughs. In a way I'm glad he is here, I'm glad he was chosen, because It feels like he is my little brother and I can just be myself and we can have a laugh together. I do enjoy his company even though I have only known him for about two days. 'Look about training tomorrow, I Er... I haven't ever really used weapons so I don't know what I will do' he says. I remember my idea to practice with knives, I could teach him. 'Oh I haven't either really that's probably the whole reason for training as the only people that would have are the crazy people from 1 and 2' I say. 'Yeah that's true! I will probably look at survival skills' he replies. 'Yeah I might too I want to practice with knives and practice my aim' i say. Finnick did tell us to find our weapons. 'Yeh sounds cool' he says. He seems a bit scared of tomorrow like it will be tormenting or impossible. I get up and make my way back to my room on my way I look back at him 'it will be alright you know' I add a smile and go to my room.

I am relieved when my head hits the pillow. Today has been a long day. I hope the training goes ok tomorrow. There's no doubt Tweena will be there bright and early to get us ready. She has already shown me my training suite. She laid it out on the bed for me to see it is a sort of wet suit which would be useful in district four. It's mainly grey with some areas of blue. I think about the chariot ride. I am still angry at that boy from district 2. I don't like the idea if killing people in the games, but if I had to choose, he would be the first person I would kill. I never like to think about killing people I just figured that if I'm going to try and survive I will let people die of natural causes. My first aim is to not die in the annual blood bath at the cornocopia. The thoughts of death begin to scare me and I fall asleep.

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