Annick Crestdair 💙

A story of Annie Cresta's experience in the hunger games and her first meeting with Finnick Odair the love of her life. The story follows Annie face her fears and be brave but what will happen that is so dreadful that will change her life forever?

There is a Sequel to this Movella. Annick Crestdair: The Victory Tour


3. Meeting him

He comes over to us both and sits on one of the two velvet chairs opposite us. He looks at me and let's himself smile. He then looks at Raff. 'So how do you feel?' Says Finnick. How do I feel? I'm sad to be leaving, scared of what's to come, afraid of what I say, angry at the games, lonely to be away from the people i am close to. 'Well... We're not doing great' says Raff. 'H...He just means we don't see ourselves as possible victors' I suddenly say, though I am slightly nervous to speak to him, he seems a confident speaker, unlike me. Finnick looks at me as if surprised to see me speak. 'Well firstly you know you will get treated like royalty from now on glorious food, great company, beautiful outfits...' His eyes suddenly shift to me and he rasies his eyebrows. I am quite surprised but I feel defensive of district four I would much rather be there 'Well we could have all that back In four' I reply. Is this his way of mentoring? He slightly laughs at my response. He leans forward in his seat and says 'Well that can't be true as i have never met you before so who do you class as good company?' This slightly Angers me I feel like shouting out ''' anyone but you''' but I keep that to myself.

He seems so annoying. He does not seem like that sort of person when you see him in interviews in the Capitol. Somehow thinking of him has put my mind to rest about the games. 'So do you have any big advice?' I say as it has gone silent. I see him smile and he leans forward in his seat. 'That doesn't really narrow it down. What do you want to know' he replies. I feel slightly humiliated from him mocking my question. He continues to smile and jokingly laugh. Is he not serious about the games? Does he think that just because he won the games he shouldn't help us? Does he think we're not scared? I am slightly angry that he doesn't seem to realise I don't know what to ask him, I'm not prepared for these games, I don't know what it's like in the games, I need his help. I say in a louder voice 'well you should tell!' I see him smirk in sarcasm, this upsets me I feel like I'm being mocked like I don't seem to be serious or something. I walk off and head for the front of the train where I had seen a clear compartment with a huge window giving the last glimpse of district 4. As I approach the door he stops smirking. 'Not so quick you. Just because you're beautiful doesn't mean you can walk away" he says in such a calm clear voice as though he is free of rage. The word '''beautiful''' surprises me. Does he see me as one if his lovers from the Capitol, then again I'm sure he talks that way about everyone in the Capitol so this is no different. He seems to be very self confident which could mean he doesn't really think that... What am I doing I need to stop thinking about Finnick and his beauty and focus on the games, usually people will still be crying now. I cautiously return to my seat afraid he is going to say something else. Fortunately he remains silent so I think what do I want to know about the games.

We sit In silence for a moment while I think. Then I wonder 'how did you win?'. Raff listens in as though he is curious. I doubt he would have watched the games the year Finnick won as he would have only been eight or nine. 'Well I'm surprised you didn't watch it every other girl did... Apparently I was Er entertainment for women' Finnick replies. I begin to explain that I do not receive any pleasure in watching the games but I am interrupted by Raff. 'So how did you neither of us watched it?'. 'I found my weapon of choice, a trident, my best friend in the games, and if you want to survive I suggest you find your best weapons' he says. I think this over I am not really used to using weapons then I think back to the days I used to cook with my mother, when she would leave me to prepare the food I would practice tossing little sharp knives at the wooden board above the stove. They always hit right where I aimed. I will remember that for training. After our brief chat we are treated to tables of lovely food on the train. More food than I've ever seen. Varieties of freshly baked breads, small cakes in coloured cups with swirled cream on top, fresh fruit pastries glazed with sugar, more food than I could ever imagine. After I am full of the glories food and I decide to go to sleep in my compartment of the train. It takes me a while to fall asleep so I begin to think about what I have left behind.

I wake up early and get dressed again. I decide to go back to the compartment where I last saw district 4. However my memory of the view is now destroyed as all I see is train tracks and the early morning sky. The more I think about my district and my family the more upset I get and tears start to fall down my face. It won't end they just keep filling my eyes the pain won't go. I'm stopped when I see someone approaching the gap between the two compartments. I hide on the other side in the corner removing myself from the view. I don't want anyone to see me like this I wipe my eyes. When I turn to see it's Finnick although he thankfully turns around and heads back from where he came.

Everyone else wakes up and I'm just sitting here not doing anything. I cannot look at the positives of this situation. I have no hope or belief that I could even attempt to win. I'm brought out of my trance when Raff says 'Annie?'. I sit up.

'I... I think we're here' he says. Dreading what he said I get up ready to enter the Capitol where it will all happen. When we exit the trains there are many people screaming a couple re-applying their lipstick when they see Finnick. Most of the screams are for him. Women in shock over the sight of him. We are taken straight to a room to get ready before the chariot ride.

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