Annick Crestdair 💙

A story of Annie Cresta's experience in the hunger games and her first meeting with Finnick Odair the love of her life. The story follows Annie face her fears and be brave but what will happen that is so dreadful that will change her life forever?

There is a Sequel to this Movella. Annick Crestdair: The Victory Tour


14. Getting Away

We have been running for at least ten minutes and already I've heard at least ten cannons. Ten people gone. I've done what Finnick said get out of the blood bath. We see a large tree, and the leaves reach the ground covering the view. We head for it and go under the leaves and behind the tree is a small lake with sparkling water in it. I'm dying for a drink after running in the heat. I go straight for the water and cover my face in it. After I have consumed half of the lake, I sit up against the tree still out of breath. Nora sits beside me. 'Oh here I got you these little knives from the cornocopia I just saw them and thought they would be handy' she says. She hands it to me and it's a sort of belt to tie around my waist with about 8 knives slotted to it. 'Thank you, you can have these bow and arrows they are useless for me' I say. 'Thanks, I'm glad I have someone to go through this with, I honestly would have failed on my own' she says. 'Oh i know I think I would have too' I say.

After finding the lake we are good for a few hours. We climb uphill passing a beautiful patch of yellow flowers. That's where I get confused as being here makes me feel sad, scared and nervous, but seeing these flowers reminds me of hope. I hope Raff is ok. I assume he is alone as he was offended that I was talking to other tributes so he is probably scared of the others. Thankfully we haven't seen any other tributes since the bloodbath. We saw the careers go downhill at the cornocopia so hopefully we are far away from them. Although there's all the other tributes left, and no one is going to go easy on you and let you get away. Around ten cannons went off at first. We have heard another two since then, so that leaves 12 of us, half gone in half a day. I doubt any of then them are the careers I worry one might be Raff.

We begin to get tired as the sun goes down. It is still so hot. Still going uphill i see a quiet area behind some large rocks. 'Look what about there it looks discreet' I say. Nora considers it for a while. 'Yeah ok there's no where else, what are we going to eat?' She says. What are we going to eat? I could search for some form of animal. 'How about you stay here, hide behind the section of rocks and I'll find something I spent some time at the nature section in training' I say. 'Annie no we have to stay together you can't go on your own' she says. I can it's easier that way but she doesn't seem to think so. 'No it's fine I will find something and be right back just keep hidden under the cave of rocks' I say pointing to the section of rocks that curve over creating a shelter. 'Be careful shout me if you here anyone, well I guess just say help as we don't want them knowing who we are, I'll go next time ok?' It seems fair. 'Yeah ok then 'help' I will' I say. 'I better take the big knife' I say picking it up along with the small ones. I wonder off quietly I'm sure there's no one around but I have to be carefull. I come to a patch of trees. They are relatively high. I see some sort of nuts concealed in shells. I consider what to do climb? Throw something up there? I see a large amount of them attached to a thin branch. Without thinking I take a few steps back and throw a knife at the branch. It hits and shakes some off but does not chop the branch. I collect them and the knife and try again. I hit it and more shoot off. I throw about 4 knives all together, collecting enough nuts. I retrieve my knives and start to search for something else. I know the nuts are safe as I learnt about them at the nature station. I walk back knowing Nora will be scared on her own. Suddenly I hear a woman screech. I don't know whether it is Nora or some other person. Either way I run, Nora could be in danger or someone could be near waiting to attack me. I am out of breath from running when I approach the rocks I don't see Nora. I chuck the nuts on the floor and head back when I see her walking back. 'Where have you been?' I say confused. 'I thought that you screamed?' She says 'No, I thought you screamed' I say. 'No we aren't alone, I heard that scream from over there' she points to where I have ran from. We speak quietly now unsure of what to do, we are armed but see no one. 'Come on behind here we will have some protection if people come' I say. We go behind the rocks and sit in silence. We eat what we can of the nuts. They aren't very pleasant but they fill us up.

We hear nothing for at least an hour so we carry on walking. It gets darker and it feels like we should be going to sleep. I stop and hear someone running and gasping. I turn around and see a young girl about 12 running her eyes look scared. I push Nora and myself behind a big tree to hide ourselves. I recognise the girl from district 10. I have a few knives in my hand to defend myself. Then I see what she is running from. An older boy is chasing after her with a spear. I don't know what to do Nora remains in silence and looks away. The girl starts to slow down and he throws it straight into her stomach. 'No!' I shout. I realise I have stepped away from the tree and my hand is ready with a knife. He is weaponless as his spear remains in the young dying girl beside me. I look at her innocent face and toss a knife at him. It hits him in the leg weakening him and I step a bit closer and throw another and it goes straight threw his heart. He falls to the ground and I see two dead bodies in front of me. A tear drops down my face he deserved what he did but I just killed someone. Nora comes out from the tree and looks at the two people on the floor. She pulls the girls body away from her killer and puts her behind the tree in a more peaceful position. I let out a sob and realise we have to leave. 'Come on let's... Go' I say. We run off and get away from what I just did.

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