Annick Crestdair 💙

A story of Annie Cresta's experience in the hunger games and her first meeting with Finnick Odair the love of her life. The story follows Annie face her fears and be brave but what will happen that is so dreadful that will change her life forever?

There is a Sequel to this Movella. Annick Crestdair: The Victory Tour


11. Final Training

I wake up early and head down to training on my own. I suppose I will just practice knife throwing again as there is not much else I feel comfortable with. I see Nora over the other side of the room. I walk over to her. 'Hey Annie' she says. She always seems happy considering we are going into the games in two days where we will most likely be killed. 'Hi and well done on your score it was great' I say. She smiles 'thanks but not as good as yours! Didn't you get 9?' She says. I nod. 'Well done' she says. We decide to try using a bow and arrow. I want to try all the weapons available as I don't know what I will be able to get hold of. 'You go first' I say. 'Ok I have never done this before' she says. She shoots from the line and hits the second circle in the target which is not to far from the middle. 'Aw that was good, try again' I say. She shoots again and gets it in near enough the same place. 'You have a go' she says. I try but i can't get used to holding it, it seems to big. I hit the outer ring so I decide not to use this in the games. I spend the rest of the afternoon throwing knives. I didn't really see Raff so I don't know what he has done today. I head back to our floor and share an elevator ride with Nora and a young girl from district 5. She seems so young and innocent, another person I don't think should be here.

When I get back I don't see anyone around except for the avox girl that acts like my servant. I decide to take a shower while there is no one here. I stand in the shower with the warm water trickling over me. It reminds me of district four, of being in the beautiful sea, something I may never see again. The water smells like Roses like everywhere else in the Capitol. That is one thing that you don't smell in district 4. I stay in there for a while. It's the only place I feel I can have some space. I wrap a towel around me and walk back into my room. I change into one of the outfits in my wardrobe.

That evening I sit on the sofa that faces the screen. I am joined by Tweena and the prep team. They are here to practice how they want me to look for the interviews tomorrow. I see no sign of Finnick, I wish he was here. I haven't seen Raff since last night. I didn't speak to him in training as he seemed to want to do his own thing. It's a while be for he walks in. I call him over to come and sit by me. He looks unsure and takes a seat by me. I see Finnick enter not long after. 'I haven't seen you all day' I say to Raff. 'Yeah I just thought I would try some things on my own' he says. 'Oh right what did you do?' I ask. 'Just looked at spear throwing and the big knives' he says. He seems quieter than usual and I can sense something is bothering him. 'Oh yeah sounds good, you could have joined me at the bow and arrows it was quite fun actually' I say with a small laugh. He looks at me and frowns 'well what makes you think I would want to do that?' He says his voice slightly louder. I am confused why he is raising his voice. Have I done something to offend him. 'I...I don't... I didn't it... It was just a suggestion' I say. He looks angry as he says 'no it wasn't come on admit it you know your better than me, you know I had no chance, you know i am going to die and you think you need to teach me!' He says. His raised voice scares me he is like a different person. 'Raff I... I honestly don't know what you're talking about I have never thought that and I know you are capable of training yourself' I say trying to calm him down. His raised voice stopped the background conversations in the room and now everyone is listening in. 'Oh please stop lying, I bet your happy that I won't survive so you can go of with your new best friend from 7! You are such a hypocrite, what happens to not wanting to go round with anyone else in the games! What changed?!' His voice is louder and what he is saying is not true, but the way he is saying it makes me feel like it is. Tweena intervenes 'now now let's step back a bit' she says. 'Raff this is not like you what are talking about?' My voice sounds worrying and I feel like I need to defend my self instead I am just taking everything he is saying. Calling me a hypocrite. Am I just because I have made a friend? He looks down on me and says 'I have only known you a week and you have changed! I don't need your help and don't say this is not like me because you don't even know me!' His voice sounds so spiteful, I never am imagined he would say all of this. I don't want to argue with him but I can't let him think that's all true. Finnick walks closer and says 'come on Raff calm down'. Raff looks from Finnick and back down to me 'oh and I bet you loved all that extra mentoring' he says. I am now angry he is acting like I have received extra help and I am a traitor. Finnick looks at me as he can see I am upset. I stand up and look back at Raff 'it's not true everything you have said isn't true and you know it' I say, my voice slightly louder than usual. I walk away as I feel my eyes fill up with tears. I am upset as I feel like everything he has said is true, what if I am a traitor? Maybe I have made him seem weak by trying to help him. A tear spills down my face and I wipe it away as I walk into my room. I curl up on my bed and wipe my eyes clean although they are probably still red.

I feel like I should have stayed there and talked it out, but everything he said was getting worse. I feel bad and guilty. But I don't know whether I have done anything wrong. The door knocks and part of me wishes it is Raff although the other half of me hopes it is not as I am scared of what he might say. I figure I should say something. 'Yeh' I say my voice is shaken. The door opens and Finnick walks in. I'm sure he shouldn't be in here but I am so glad that he is. He shuts the door behind him. 'Are you alright?' He says. 'Yeah... You didn't have to come In here' I say. 'I did, I had to know you were ok' he says. This makes me feel a bit better he actually cares I can tell. I feel a tear drop down my face and quickly wipe it away to try and hide it. He walks up to me and sits down on my bed. I feel slightly nervous. 'Look he doesn't mean any of that, he is just scared that the games are coming up soon' he says. I want to say how I feel I can trust him to take me seriously. 'But what if he's right maybe he is' I say. 'He's not you haven't done anything wrong' he says he looks me straight in the eyes and adds 'I know you haven't'. I don't know whether he is right 'but what—'I begin before he brings his hand up and gently puts his finger tip on my lip to stop me from talking. 'Just forget it know you know you haven't done anything wrong and I know you haven't done anything wrong and he knows you haven't done anything wrong and that's all that matters' he says and wipes my face to remove the tears. 'Come here' he says. He wraps his arms around me and lifts one hand up to my head. I feel safe and the pain seems to go when he is here and I forget about everything that scares me. 'Thank you' I whisper. He holds me tighter as he takes in my words. After a while he stands up as if he thinks it's time to leave. 'Wait... will you stay here for a while, please Finnick' I say. I don't want him to leave, all of a sudden I feel worried and scared, but I know if he is here I will feel safe. He stops and sits back down. He brushes a piece of hair away from my face and says 'of course' and puts his arm around my back.

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