Annick Crestdair 💙

A story of Annie Cresta's experience in the hunger games and her first meeting with Finnick Odair the love of her life. The story follows Annie face her fears and be brave but what will happen that is so dreadful that will change her life forever?

There is a Sequel to this Movella. Annick Crestdair: The Victory Tour


15. Careers

We have ran for ages it must be around ten at night. We sit down in a patch of trees when the anthem starts. Faces start to appear in the sky. I count them in my head and look out for Raff I hope he isn't coming up. 5 faces have appeared, people I didn't know. After another five dead people are shown in the sky and Raff doesn't appear. After 12 people are shown the thirteenth person is her the young girl I saw killed, I close my eyes as I know that he is coming up next. I look back to see if Raff is shown. I feel relief as after the 15th and final person is shown Raff didn't come up. I think 15 are gone, 9 left, 2 of which are me and Nora, so 7 left. 4 are the careers, 1 is Raff, and two I don't know. 'Drew isn't dead he's still about' Nora says. 'Drew? From your district' I ask. 'Yeah we better steer clear of him' she says. 'What your from the same district do you think he would kill you?' I ask. 'Yes do you know what he said to me after the interviews?' She says. I don't answer so she tells me 'he said I hope the odds are not in your favour, I hate him it's worse that we are the same age I always hated him at school he's vile' she says. I'm glad when she says this that I have Raff.

We find an area that is behind trees and looks like a good place to hide. I lie down to have a short sleep while Nora keeps watch.

I lie with my head on the ground. I hate this. I'm scared that we will die. One of us will no matter what.

Nora shakes me me to wake me up. We switch places for a while and I keep watch. I keep a few knives in my hand in case. I can't believe I'm not dead I thought I would be gone by now. I have no chance of winning. What would Finnick say? 'Be brave' or 'you can do this' I can picture him saying it. He's the only person that's ever believed in me. The thought of Finnick upsets me. The thought of him may be the last thing I have to remember him by. I hold my hand on my chest over the charm he gave me. Instead of seeing it as something to keep me safe I see it as something to remember him by. Before I met Finnick I never thought I would meet him let alone kiss him. I never really liked him now I couldn't like him more, couldn't think about him more, he is one of the most important people I know. My heart beats faster as I hear a rustle by the bushes. I hear people walking and then someone cheers and the rest laugh. The careers. Before I think I Shake Nora and put my hand over her mouth 'shhh... Stay down, the careers' I whisper.

We stay behind the trees silently. They walk slowly as if they are not scared for people to kill them. They laugh as though they are enjoying their time here. The boy Greggor from one has his arm around the girl from two like he's better than everyone else. 'Anyway who shall we get next?' Says Tacita. 'We need to track down that kid and we know Red headed this way so I guess we carry on up here' Cleo the girl from 2 refers to me as 'red' too it's so pathetic! I'm panicking now that they have said that, what if they see us I can just about see Greggor. We remain where we are, breathing quietly. They start to walk of past the trees. They are gone. We are still alive. I take a deep breath and stand up. I see Nora is still curled up on the ground and breathing heavily. 'Hey it's ok their gone' I whisper and pull her up. We find a small river on the way down the hill which was the way we came. We have a drink and I make sure there's no one around. Nora sits up by the water. I can see she is still in shock.

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