Annick Crestdair 💙

A story of Annie Cresta's experience in the hunger games and her first meeting with Finnick Odair the love of her life. The story follows Annie face her fears and be brave but what will happen that is so dreadful that will change her life forever?

There is a Sequel to this Movella. Annick Crestdair: The Victory Tour


13. Cannon

I'm up early. Dressed in a suite similar to the training suite. My hair is in a bun at the back of my head. I had a little something to eat but my appetite was very small. I'm being taken down with Urina. Everyone has someone to take them down to the launch room. I'm not sure who Raff has I haven't seen him. I haven't seen Finnick since last night which could be the last time I ever see him. It hurts when I think of him I've only known him since reaping day and already my feelings towards him are at a maximum. He is the only person that's made me believe in myself. When I'm with him I feel like I'm back at home.

As we walk through different corridors and down stairs I'm scared of what the arena will look like. It will most likely be a forest with lots of trees and a few lakes. I see no other tributes on the way. We all have our own launch room as the podiums are in a circle so it's pretty spaced out. I don't know what I'm going to do when it starts. I will run for some form of weapon, hopefully some knives. I don't know what I will do next it's hard to team up with someone when you don't know what podium they're on and it's even harder in the middle of a bloodbath. Before I know it I'm walking through a door with a peacekeeper on either side. I see a glass tube which terrifies me.

Urina stands with me as we wait for the countdown to start. I hold my chest and feel the locket that Finnick gave me tucked under my suite. I had to bring it it's the only thing I have from him which reminds me of what he said. They haven't given me a raincoat or any form of thermal outfit so it may be warm. 'Make sure you find some source of water' Urina says. I am to worried to understand what he said so i just nod. I try to forget about everything so I can focus. 'You ready?' He says. Am I? No I'm scared, what is going to happen, in ten minutes loads of people could be dead including me. 'Yes I suppose' I say. A voice over starts 'you have twenty seconds'. I look at Urina and he seems sad. 'Good luck' he says. He gives me a hug and then I hear the voice over 'you have ten seconds'. I let him go and say 'thank you'. He nods and I walk up to the tube and stand inside. The doors automatically shut and it moves up and I see Urina watching me go. I see the last of his face and my eyes catch a gleam of sunlight. It's so bright and in a way beautiful. It stops and I'm standing on the podium. The sunlight spreads out and I see the huge cornocopia in the middle on mud gravel, it is under a huge tree that is very tall and it's branches and leaves are also long and high. The ground looks like a huge patch of grass has been burned. There are trees everywhere all different colours, some with leaves hanging over and reaching to the floor. I hear a voice say '10...9....8...' Counting down to the cannon. I see 23 other tributes surrounding the cornocopia each on a podium. I get ready to run. I zoom in on the cornocopia looking at all the different weapons. I look around for Raff and can't see him as the sun is so bright. '5...4...3...2' my heart beats faster and faster '...1'. Cannon. I jump of the podium and run faster than I ever have, I see tributes everywhere when I approach the cornocopia I try to dodge them. I go for the first things I see a large knife and a bow with arrows. I arm myself with the knife and run away from the cornocopia I look back for Raff but I don't see him anywhere. I begin to run again and hear someone shout quietly 'Annie' I pull up my sword to check who it is. It's Nora. I don't know what to do, do I trust her? Why wouldn't i? 'Nora can I trust you' I say. 'Yes I'm with you' she says 'let's go come on run' we head for the trees and I see a spear in the corner of my eye shoot past and it hits the ground. We manage to keep running I see no one anywhere besides me and Nora.

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