Summer Lovin'. {justin bieber love story}

what happens when two totally different people meet and instantly fall in love? what happens when they only have one summer together, three months? what happens when one of the lose someone, someone important? will they tell each other how they feel or will it be too late? will forever, forever be theirs? {justin bieber love story. all rights reserved. no copying or translating without permission.}


1. New Beginnings

'Maaaa!?' I screamed.

'Arianna Shea! Stop yelling Katie is asleep.' Katie's my little sister, quite they catch for a three year old.

'Dad called me. Katie and I are supposed to be staying with him for three months?!'

'Yeah... About that.' She said

What the hell! Is she serious. No way! I'm tired of being the new girl.

'MOM! WHAT IN THE WORLD! When were you gonna tell me this!? Before or after you left!?'

'What did I say about yelling?!'

Look who's yelling now.

'I have to go on a business trip. You'll be staying with your dad while i'm gone.'

Yeah because I so can't take care of myself! i'm 17 gosh damn it! Almost 18 i can take care of myself.

'And before you say anything no your not staying home. Your 17! I won't have it. Oh and pack your bags, you have 2 days.' She said.

'Are you serious!?!? You tell me two days before! What the actual heck!'

I scream. I'm beyond pissed, this is supposed to be my summer break to spend with my friends but instead I have to fly all the way to Canada to stay with my dad! Thanks mom. Thank you so freaking much!

'Yes i'm serious, now start packing. You should be excited. You've never been to Canada. This will be a fun experience.' She says as though she was reading my mind.

'Yeah, easy for you to say. Your dad didn't bail on you, then come back get your mom pregnant and bail again.'

'Enough! You're staying with your dad and that's final!'

With that she walked out of my room, great time to start packing *note the sarcasm*.

2 days later


*at the airport

'Be safe and please look after your sister. I love you both, i'll see you as soon as I can.' Mom says while crying. I'd be lying if i said i wasn't crying too.

'I will. You be safe too! I love you mom. Hurry home.' I say through tears, trying my best not to start sobbing. It's only for three months i tell myself. Only three months..

'Now boarding flight 314 Canada'

A lady says through the speakers.

'Be safe! I love you both.'

mom yells before she's gone. Smothered by the crowd of people.

*on the plane

Katie's crying she doesn't wanna go, that she doesn't wanna leave mom.

'Katie calm down. We'll be fine, were gonna see daddy okay? we're gonna have so much fun. I promise, you'll be okay. Mom will be okay, we'll call her as soon as we get off the plane.'

I try soothing Katie.

'B-but i-i-i want mommy!'

Katie cries.

'Katie you have gotta stop crying we're on the plane. Do you wanna watch a movie? What movie? Please stop crying. We can watch the mermaid movie. It's your favorite.. Just stop crying okay? Princesses don't cry..' I say finally getting her to calm down a tiny bit.

'Come on, we'll watch the mermaid movie and eat some candy. No crying, remember princesses don't cry.'

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