the dancer 16+

"pleas" harry begged "it won't take long I promise" Harry begged again, I was about to turn around and get to my own room where the girls was, where I was safe.

I didn't know why but I didn't feel safe around him anymore, Harry ran over to the door and locked it, SHIT He came closer with an evil smirk, his beautiful eyes was turned into a darker color.... A scary color.

this book has: violence, rape, sex, curse words, self harming in it.


17. What!?!?

Mikkis p.o.v

I woke up felling the pain there under(you know what i mean).

I saw that I was in my Room, It could't be a dream why would it hurt on my private place? I cant belive Harry Styles raped me........ some girls would mostly like to be raped by him, but if they was me, they would have changed their meaning.

The only thing I would feel that night was pain.


**later that day***


"Mikki, Macknezie, Simon is in the phone he wants to talk to you" Niall informed, Mackenzie and I looked at each other, this can't be good , we walked over to the phone Niall had in his hand.

"he wants to talk to you in private" Niall said and walked away, we put on the speaker "hello?" Simon asked "hi" Mackenzie and I replied showing that we where there.

 "ok I just have to say it fast, no hurt feelings ok?, we need to kick you two girls out of the dance tour team" Simon said "......b-but why!" I screamed my nightmare was true.... "its not allowed to be in a relationship with the dancers and we have already found new dancers, I know you and Harry had A good time and the same with Mackenzie and Niall but in the contract it says its not Allowed do hock up with the dancers, and you guys broke the rule, sorry" Simon said He hung up.

 "but... but this can't happen to us, no no no PLEAS!" Mackenzie yelled.we both ran out the door with tears in our eyes, we meet a crying Niall outside the room.

 "I knew it since yesterday, I'm so sorry I should have told you that it was a rule for that an-" Niall got cut of my Mackenzie hugging him, I didn't want to hug Harry not After what he did "we can still be with each other, I'm not a part of the group anymore" Mackenzie said with a weak smile, "we need to pack" I said to Mackenzie.


we was ready to go "don't you want to say bye to Harry?" Mackenzie asked looking at me, with worried eyes "no" I replied " why?" She asked looking confused"I'll tell you later when where alone" I assured her.




" now where Alone" Mackenzie said  "ok...... Harry h-he" I said, I just could not finish "He what? pleas tell me I'm dying to know, did he break up with you?" Mackenzie Asked shocked.

 "no He just..... he just" I stuttered but I could not place the words right still in shock for what he did I mean like it was only yesterday  "He just what?" Mackenzie asked rather irritated "h-he raped me Mackenzie, that's what he did" I whispered, Mackenzie looked at me she basically froze her face was like stone no movements, nothing, first movement that she made that minute was just a tear rolling from her eyes down her cheek.

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