the dancer 16+

"pleas" harry begged "it won't take long I promise" Harry begged again, I was about to turn around and get to my own room where the girls was, where I was safe.

I didn't know why but I didn't feel safe around him anymore, Harry ran over to the door and locked it, SHIT He came closer with an evil smirk, his beautiful eyes was turned into a darker color.... A scary color.

this book has: violence, rape, sex, curse words, self harming in it.


5. the prank

Harrys p.o.v

The concert starts in 2 weeks so 6 hours after, everyone was ready to drive to the hotel in Miami, All with a sudden Mikki, Chloe and Mackenzie ran up to me.

"Harry the buss don't have anymore seats can you ask simon If we can sit in your buss?" Chloe asked, I nodded and ran over to Simon "Simon? there is no more seats in the girls's buss and I wonder if Chloe, Mikki and Mackenzie could be in our buss?"I asked hoping he would say yes, Simon thought for a while but then spoke "fine but no joking around, ok?" I nodded " we won't" I assured. 


 Mikki , Mackenzie and Chloe was in our buss it was 2 hours driving time, But what could we do while we was with 8 people in the buss? Mikki, Mackenzie and Chloe knew exactly what to do in 2 hours, so while the girls teased us we just sat there, after 1 hour with teasing they fell asleep and by magic they just poff fell asleep, Mikki just fell asleep next to me while poking me, Mackenzie just fell asleep just poff on Nialls lap and Chloe just poff fell asleep on the floor at the same time I knew it was a joke but I played with "Harry do you think their just tricking us?" Niall asked also playing with it "nah" I said with a low voice.


Mikkis p.o.v

"We know your not sleeping" Harry laughed, damn they got us well it was a really bad planned prank "damn it" Chloe cursed we got up.

After the half hour we walked out of the buss to the hotel, thousand's of fans was there, I felt panic wash over me I've never been good with crowds.

I Saw Harry right next to me, He seemed so calm, but I was a hot mess, I didn't know what I was gonna do, I got so scared I grabbed Harry's hand, He snapped his heard fast over me first irritated but then his face softened as he saw me, He got closer up to me and spoke" I thought you where a fan for a second" He explained after a moment of walking he finished " Why are you holding my hand?" Harry asked looking at our hands.

" I'm not very good with crowds and I'm scared" I replied, Harry let go of hand and put his arm around my waist and the fans screamed louder.

"who is she!?" Fans yelled, "Fuck off, Harry is mine" I heard a voice say from behind and many more hate comments towards me "Harry!? is she your girlfriend!?" A fan yelled, "If you don't let go of Harry I'll kill you you whore!" A fan threatened, by this Harry only tightened his grip around me.

"you better shut up! shes just an backgrounds dancer!" Harry yelled at the fan. "why are they gonna sleep at the same hotel?" She shouted again. Harry didn't answer and just kept walking.

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