the dancer 16+

"pleas" harry begged "it won't take long I promise" Harry begged again, I was about to turn around and get to my own room where the girls was, where I was safe.

I didn't know why but I didn't feel safe around him anymore, Harry ran over to the door and locked it, SHIT He came closer with an evil smirk, his beautiful eyes was turned into a darker color.... A scary color.

this book has: violence, rape, sex, curse words, self harming in it.


27. short

Mikkis p.o.v

"no she not" I lied, Harry moved foreword and kissed me he grabbed around my waist and leaned us to the white bed without breaking the kiss, he kissed me down to my jawline and then back to my lips. I moaned and grabbed his hair I started to take off his shirt but stopped, what am i doing? Nora might wake up any second. I want this so badly but can't.

We was still kissing but his shirt was still on and i had no plans of taking it of again.

Harry grabbed my butt and squeezed them, I started to feel wet in the lady aria, Harry got on top of me and pushed me up now breaking the kiss with a little smirk knowing what I wanted but couldn't do he pushed me slowly into the wall and grabbed my butt again and I grabbed his hair and moaned again "I know you want it" he said breaking the kiss. "we can do it just in the guest room" I said.

Harry nodded and we walked to the door "aaaaaaa!" I turned around and got Nora up from the bed. "sorry"I apologized "dadda?" she asked pointing at Harry and then she looked at me.

"Mikki me honest, Is she my daughter?" he asked again. "yes, yes fine I give up Nora Allison is daughter of Mikki Allison and Harry Styles" I sat down on the floor with Nora tight in my arm, Harry sat down by my side.

" I'm a father, I'm a dad Oh my god" Harry was socked, our family is together "why did you keep her away from me?" Harry asked with a soft voice.

so he wasn't mad? "I don't know I was scared for not letting Nora have a normal life and what you would think" I replied "I always since that day the thing happened I always had the thought back in my head that you might be pregnant, Look I'm sorry it was a drunk mistake and I've been thinking about it everyday wishing that never happened" he was about to cry and so was I.

"I'm sorry" I said and swiped away a tear from my cheek, "why are you sorry?" he asked "because I didn't tell you about Nora" I replied "no I'm sorry, the last thing I wanted to do was to hurt you" harry apologized "pleas I beg you give me a second chance" he begged.

 I looked at the smiling Nora in my arms to the man that I once loved but made my life turn upside down but the love is back, "what do you say Nora Allison Styles?" I asked looking down at Nora, Harry smirked. "I love that name babe" Harry kissed Nora on the nose.

"I love you" I said looking at Harry's beautiful eyes "I love you to Mikki" He said back, he kissed me on the lips, it was the best kiss in my life I felt sparks in my whole body, he broke the kiss "so what do you say?, me and you dinner tomorrow?" Harry smirked.

"who will babysit Nora?" I asked "who wouldn't? well I've been thinking that Niall and Mackenzie can do that as a little training to when they will get one if they ever do" Harry replied, I nodded feeling more happy than I've ever done in a long time



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