the dancer 16+

"pleas" harry begged "it won't take long I promise" Harry begged again, I was about to turn around and get to my own room where the girls was, where I was safe.

I didn't know why but I didn't feel safe around him anymore, Harry ran over to the door and locked it, SHIT He came closer with an evil smirk, his beautiful eyes was turned into a darker color.... A scary color.

this book has: violence, rape, sex, curse words, self harming in it.


2. ops

Mikkis p.o.v

I looked at Harry and our eyes met, Why was he looking at me?


Harrys p.o.v

I looked away, I felt really embarrassed of my action, what if she saw that I looked at her body, Most girls would like that I looked at their body, but what if she was not one of those girls.


Nialls p.o.v

I looked at Harry, he was looking at someone.

"Harry? who are you looking at?" I asked looking at harry with a serous look.

"You see that girl with the number 165998?" Harry pointed. "mm yeah" I replied looked at the girl, she had long brow hair and brown almost black eyes.

"Its her" Harry said and just kept looking at her while i had my eyes on someone else.



Mikkis p.o.v

After 1 intense hour it was a break now it was 36 dancers of 605.

All of us dancers walked together in one group, we all was talking about the hotel with the pool. "So I've been thinking that we could have a pool party at the hotel" Mackenzie whispered. "yea gurl we should do that it sound cool" a girl named Chloe whispered back. "yes but I feel like we could have a girl night and get some of the girls from the hotel to come to and with no boys, what do you guys think about that?" I asked. every body nodded. "ok seems like where having a secret pool party then" I yelled. "hi girls what are you talking about?" Harry asked.

"oh were just talking about that we are so excited we are for coming in!!!" we responded with a happy voice "but I heard something about a secret pool party at the hotel" Harry said with a cheeky smile.

"ops" I said, feeling stupid. "ops what?" Harry asked.

"umm nothing" I blushing. "ok..." he said and then walked back to the other boys. "you have to be more careful Mikki, remember its a secret" the other girls whispered.

we got called in again and now it was the Q&A time so One Direction was also gonna be comfortable with us so they was gonna interview us and pick 20 of us.

Harry spotted out me to interview.



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