the dancer 16+

"pleas" harry begged "it won't take long I promise" Harry begged again, I was about to turn around and get to my own room where the girls was, where I was safe.

I didn't know why but I didn't feel safe around him anymore, Harry ran over to the door and locked it, SHIT He came closer with an evil smirk, his beautiful eyes was turned into a darker color.... A scary color.

this book has: violence, rape, sex, curse words, self harming in it.


22. I can't

I was reading it over and over again, Mackenzie came running into the living room "what!?!" She asked I could feel her worry all the way from here "read" I demanded.

"I'm know that your pregnant, people will suspect me to be the baby's father which will make me in allot of trouble, You have 2 choices kill the baby while its growing inside you  or I'll kill the baby at my own, And if you try to run away I'll find you, Rape you and then kill the baby right in front of your eyes and I'll do the same to you as I did to your mother" she read out loud.

"A-And wh-who I-Is this from" She asked slowly "its from Harry" I replied trying to be calm. "I'm calling Niall" she said and got her phone up "NO!!!" I yelled "WHAT THE FUCK ARE WE SUPOSED TO DOO!?!? KILL THE BABY IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT!?!" She yelled. "He killed my mom and I'm gonna get payback and I have had this baby for a little while now and I don't feel like i wanna give up,OK?" I asked. She nodded. I've never been this angry befor I'll kill Harry, Even if thats the last this I could do!.


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