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4. Story 3: forced marriage

"Have you ever been forced into something that seemed so disgusting, so repulsive, so completely gross, that you wanted to die, but ended up forced  liking it? Ya, well that's how i felt about my forced marriage to ash" ~ Cloud

" Have you ever met someone and thought, 'i hope this fucker get's ass-raped by satan, whilst burning in hell' then suddenly after being forced to bond with them, find yourself wondering how you ever lived without them? Yea, well that's how i felt about my forced marriage to Cloud "- Jaque (ash)

Cloud Monroe, is your average rich douche bag, he uses his looks and wealth  to his advantage, party's all night, and sleeps all day, and barely shows u at school, and when he does show up he's either drunk or high. One day his mother and father decide they've had enough and give cloud a deadline to find a girl he wants to settle down with, and if he doesn't meet it, they  will decdide on who his spouse is. 

Jaquelyn or Jaque as he prefers is your average nerd, he spends his weekends at the library, and ususally stays after school helping teachers grade papers and straighten up classrooms, he's polite and quiet and doesn't really do much with his life. But what happens when his mom and dad decide to merge their business with another family's and gives him 1 month to find himself a boy or girl to marry, and if he doesn't then he's forced to marry whoever they chose. And seeing as his mom and dad didn't have a problem with his 'situation' he feels obligated to obide by these rules.


What happens when these to polar oppisites end up being forced to marry eachother, despite their mutual hate for eachother lifestyles and opinions? Read to find out!







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