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3. Story 2: october

Walking up the broken pavement, I scanned my eyes over the house I was, intended to live in. Only to stop in my tracks upon taking in it's run-down appearance. I felt ashamed to have lived in that orphanage all these years, with Mrs. goatbutt and she still insisted on making me live here. I at least thought she had some emotionl attachment to me. But eh, I guess I was wrong, seeing as she was trying to make me stay in this death trap. But still I couldn't help but wonder, how many crack heads could they fit into this house, twenty? thirty?. Thirty five at the most, if they all sat close enough. But still you could do forty if-

" October!"

Yelled Mrs.GoatsButt  snapping me from my thoughts. 

 I turned around giving her an amused look. Oh, how I loved to annoy her. I don't know if it was the fact that her giant cheeks got red and puffy and her small button nose scrunched up making her look like an angry chipmunk, or the fact that I just loved to annoy people in general, but I always found myself making Mrs. GoatsButt ready to blow her top. But who could blame me , it was so tempting. Especially when she did stupid things like send me to run-down places like this. No doubt i'd be out of here in less than 3 days, besides I couldn't stay here if I wanted to, my therapy and medication cost more than this house. 

" October? where you even listening to me, dammit October look at me when i'm talking to you!"

I jumped at the sudden noise, suddenly realizing that my gaze had left Mrs. GoatsButt  sometime during her monologue about whatever she was talking about, and landed itself right back n the small broken down house. But I couldn't help it, I liked staring at creepy things. And this house was especially creepy, it was the type of house you'd speed up when going near it, because your afraid of the danger that lays within it. The kind you'd catch on those fake ghost hunter shows, claiming that the house has ghosts. 

The small house all in all, had a high ranking in the creepy factor , and that's just the outside. Only heaven knows whats in there, because not one person in there right mind would step foot in that place . . . no wonder Mrs' GoatsButt is sending me here. That bitch.

" As I was saying October, this isn't the house you'll be staying in. Acually your foster parents are quite rich. Your mother Mrs. Worthington, being the head scientist at a DNA engineering facility, and your father, Mr. Worthington Being the creater of the toaster stroodle-"

I chuckled at that, I can finally trutfully say "my daddy the crater of toaster stroodle- will not be happy about this!" Aah life, how you never cease to amaze me. 

" Ahem! As I was saying, Mr. Worthington, being the creator of the toaster stroodle, and Your siblings, all very bright and very sportsy!"

I rolled my eyes at the sibling part. I don't plan on getting emotionally attached to any of them, hell I hate kids anyway. 

But still I couldn't help but wonder why the hag brought me here, if the blokes were loaded. 

" But" she continued. " The family has been getting a lot of threats from other company's about different, irrelevant things to you. So I was asked if we could wait here until your limo came to-"

Suddenly there was a loud honking noise, followed by a blindingly  bright light, I squinted my eyes trying to get a better look at what was causing the light, only to have the light go away. Revealing  a sleek black limo, I watched in aw, as the driver go out, taking off his hat, and gesturing me to get in. 

( . . . to the limo . . . . not the hat.)

And I all but jumped at the chance, jumping smugly into the limo, practically bouncing in my seat at how fancy this was. The limo was practically heaven compared to the orphanage, with it's warm seats that's mold into your body shape, and it's cooler and snack cabinet, as well as the slat screen t.v, complete with surround sound speakers, what more could I ask for?

It was good to be rich!!

But unfortunately like always, my mini richest-man-alive haze was, interrupted by Mrs. GoatButt knocking on my window, a stern look on her face. So me, being the grade A douche bag, I was, I rolled my window down as slow as I could a mock-serious look on my face.

" Stop fooling around, October! This is serious."

I could only smile at this, I'd been making Mrs. RB, mad for so long, I could do it without even trying.

" As I was saying, October, you've come a long way. So while you're gone, I-I want you to keep your head up okay? Don't let anybody get to you, you know who you are and what you are, and nobody can change that. You are a smart boy, and just because some snobbish rich kid says something doesn't mean you get riled up, okay? Just politely smile and POLITELY  put them in their place, okay?" 

she asked, I simply nodded considering I didn't speak, a faint smile apparent on my face.

 I knew Mrs. RB cared.

 " Now"

 she started, standing up to her full size, instead of leaning against the window to talk to me.

 " I have to go, but I expect to here good things okay? And don't be surprised if I come and check on you every now and then yea?" 

I nodded at this, smiling despite the tears in my eyes. Though i'd never admit it out loud, Mrs. RB was like the mother I never had, and it kinda hurt knowing I had to leave her, even if it meant getting away from that orphanage. 

~ Sun.Flower~



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