Avoiding Death

Don't let the title fool you, the movella's not that depressing! Anyway, this is a story I submitted for a writing competition at school, which had to be under 1,000 words and three chapters long, hence why each chapter is so short.
This is about an ex-soldier, who lost his friend in WW2. He's one day visited by one of his few friends, who helps him to go back in time to save his best friend, Steve. Will he be able to do it?


2. Chapter 2

As an impossible sensation overcame me, all I could see was memories of my past. As memories, fears and hopes flashed in front of me, I felt dizzy, up to the point where I almost passed out. When it all stopped, I waited for a second, before slowly looking around. It was definitely the right place; a layer of fog, covering the muddy ground; the wild wind, making seeing what you are doing next to impossible; the guns in the near background, triggering deathly screams.

I quickly got through the field, being careful of being spotted and being fearful of being shot. After running so quickly, I almost missed the unmistakable silhouette of my best friend, with one of the soldiers. Despite my vision being clouded by the fog, I knew what he was being asked to do, just like I knew it would be the job that would kill him. Running after him, I spotted the bullet soaring through the air, almost like it was in slow-motion. Propelling myself towards him, I grabbed onto the first thing I could and clicked the watch. As we transported through time, the bullet flew past, only just bouncing off the whirlwind of time-travel.

We appeared back in my home, before collapsing on the floor. Looking at my friend, I hugged him, saying, “I’ve saved you. Now, I will never let you leave me again…”

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