It all started with I hate you (Carl Grimes Fanfic) (The Walking Dead)

Amber is like any regular 12 year old girl. She goes to school everyday, she does chores, she hangs out with her friends on the weekend. But that all ends when her and her friends see an announcement about the dead coming back to life and eating others. She was frightened of course but she knew she could get through this.


1. Hey

~~Hey guys I'm Caitlyn and this is my first twd fanfic! I hope you all enjoy it, its going to start with season 1 when Carl Grimes gets put in the picture!Yes I do see Amber (main girl) being a younger Demi Lovato, sorry if you don't like her but she just fits what I have in mind for Amber so perfectly! Well I'm going to start making the first chapter! - Caitlyn

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