It all started with I hate you (Carl Grimes Fanfic) (The Walking Dead)

Amber is like any regular 12 year old girl. She goes to school everyday, she does chores, she hangs out with her friends on the weekend. But that all ends when her and her friends see an announcement about the dead coming back to life and eating others. She was frightened of course but she knew she could get through this.


8. Chapter 7

~~Ambers P.O.V.

About 2 hours later.

We stop at a little tent and Carol calls out for Sophia. Daryl walks into the tent and Carl tenses up. "Daryl what do you see?" "Nothing, just someone who ended it before it started again." Daryl says coming out of the tent.

We start to move on and we hear church bells. "Lets go it might be Sophia ringing them." Shane shouts running off. We all start running towards the sound. "There!" Daryl shouts pointing at a church. "There are no bells." Rick says.

"Well lets check anyways." Shane says. Rick, Shane, and Daryl go in first. "Just walkers." Rick shouts. We all go in and sit down for a while. Me and Carl sit down and I lay my head down on his shoulder.

"Everyone but Shane and I are going back to camp." "Can I go dad?" Carl ask. "No." "But she was my friend." "Okay fine." "Can I go?" I ask them. "Might as well." Rick says. "Lets get going." Rick says. We walk off and Carl lays his head on my shoulder. "I hate you." He says. "I hate you too." I say grinning. "Look theres a deer." Carl whispers. "I see it. Its so pretty." I reply. "Do you want to touch it?" "You go both of us would scare it." I say. He starts walking to it and right as he touches it theres a gunshot and hes on the ground. "Carl!" I scream and I'm on the ground next to him. "Baby no no no." I say grabbing his hand. "Theres a man, his name is Hershal he'll take care of your boy, he's that way." The man points. Rick scoops him up and starts running. I run at my full speed but Ricks still ahead of me. Theres a house in sight and Rick starts running faster. An old man walks out. "Was he bit?" "Shot by your man!" "Otis?" A lady says coming out.

"In here quick!" Hershal I guess says. They lay him on a bed. I get pushed out of the room by a girl a couple years older than me. "You can't go in there sorry." The girl says looking me up and down. "You're his girlfriend aren't you?" She ask me. I just nod my head. "Beth." She says sticking her hand out. "Amber." I say. "I'll make you some tea while you wait." Another girl says. "Thats Maggie my sister." The girl explains. "Thats my boyfriend Jimmy. My dads Hershal and then theirs Patricia and Otis." Beth tells me. "Oh we have quite a few in our group. Some of them are quite rude and self centered." I say. "Do you want me to take you to get cleaned up? Your all bloody." Beth says. "That'd be really nice! Thank you so much." I say.

I'm really worried about Carl but something is telling me he is going to be fine. Beth takes me to a bathroom/bedroom. "This is my room. There are clothes in the top drawers. You can take your pick. Towels in the bathroom. Just go easy on the water please." She says. "Thank you so much Beth. I think we are going to be good friends." I say smiling at her. She smiles back and walks out of the room.

I get out of the shower and grab my bra and grab some jeans and a simple black v-neck shirt from Beth's drawer. Shes a little smaller than me but I squeeze in. I walk out of the bathroom and Beths sitting on the bed. "Hey I was just seeing if you were done. Maggie made you tea." She says handing me a glass of tea. I gladly accept and drink it in minutes. "How long have you been on the road?" She ask me. "Since this all started. Me, my Dad, my brother, and friend started this and now its just me and my brother. But I don't talk to my brother." I say. "Why not?" Beth ask curiously. "He hits me. He actually hit me today. He left a bruise on my arm." I say showing her my arm. "He shouldn't hit you! Thats so rude! I don't understand why people do that stuff." Beth says. "Well he definitely didn't learn it from my mom or dad. My Dad never laid a finger on me and my Mom only did when I was bad." I say. "So this boy? He's your boyfriend, how long have you been dating?" "We actually started dating yesterday but I've liked him since I met him 3 months ago." I say. "Oh me and Jimmy have been going out for 3 years. Okay if I tell you something you have to promise to tell no one!" Beth says getting up and closing the door. I nod and she gets really close to me. "I haven't felt like I was in love with Jimmy for a while. He kisses me and its just not the same. I don't know what to do because I could break up with him but then he could be dead tomorrow. Daddy believes they are just sick but their not. They are dead not sick." Beth says to much for me to comprehend. "I'm sorry Beth I don't think I should give you advice my mind is a mess the insanity has taken over my brain basically." I say and she laughs. "Its okay. I should get downstairs and see if Daddy needs help." Beth says. I get up and follow her downstairs. She walks in the room they have Carl in and I sit down next to Rick. "Maggie went to get Lori. Shane and Otis went to get supplies to work on Carl." Rick says. "He'll be fine Rick." I say patting him on the back. 'I can't loose him yet. Please just give me more time with him.' I pray in my head.

"We need blood!"  Hershal shouts. "Rick you can't give anymore. What's your blood type?" He ask me. "A postive." "Thats fortunate. Come with me." He says.

I follow and Patricia grabs my arm and sticks the needle in. needle. I hate needles. Its for Carl. I keep that thought in my head and I get through it.

They give my blood to Carl and I walk out of the room. I can't watch him like this. Lori walks in and I lay on the couch. Might as well sleep while they are doing surgery.

I wake up and Shane is back. "Hes doing surgery right now. Has been for about an hour. Oh, Glenn and Tdog are here." Shane says getting up. I run outside where Glenn is sitting down. "Glenn!" I shout. I run and hug him. "Its only been a couple of hours Amber." Glenn says hugging me back. "I know, but I missed you." I say, Glenn laughs and messes with my hair. Hershal steps outside and looks at me. "I'm done, if you would like to see him you can." Hershal says. I walk to him and hug him. "Thank you so much. " I say.

I run to Carl's room and hes still out. I sit down on the chair next to his bed and grab his hand. Lori walks in and smiles at me then walks out. Maggie walks in after Lori and hands me a salad with what appears to be fresh eggs. "Thank you." I say grabbing the plate and eating it slowly. Maggie sits on the ground next to me. "So Carl is your boyfriend?" Maggie ask. "Yes." I say smiling and finishing my food.

Maggie gets up and grabs my plate. She smiles and walks off. I grab Carl's hand again and kiss his cheek. I lay back in the chair and fall asleep.

"Amber!" Carl says waking me up. "What? Are you okay?" I ask. "I'm fine. Where are we?" He ask. "Carl you were shot and this man, Hershal, saved your life." "Is Sophia okay?" "I don't know, I've been here this whole time. Why don't you rest baby, you need it." I say and I get up and kiss him. "I hate you Carl." "I hate you Amber." Carl says kissing me again, I smile and Carl hugs me softly. "Rest baby we will talk tomorrow." I say. "Lay with me?" Carl ask. "I don't want to hurt you." I say. "You won't,  just please lay with me." I lay down and Carl pulls me closer.

I wake up and Carls already awake beside me. "Hey baby." He says kissing me. "I'm going to go outside real quick, I'll be right back." I say. I walk outside and Carol and everyone is here. "Hi." I say to Dale, I run up to him and hug him. I decide to go back inside to tell Carl they are here. I walk back in and walk to Carl's room. "I'm back." I say. "They're here?" Carl asks. "Yes. Sophia isn't with them though." I say. I really miss her, I hope we find her soon.

Okay I'll end here... Sorry for the wait. And thanks for 90 reads!! love you all!!!

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