It all started with I hate you (Carl Grimes Fanfic) (The Walking Dead)

Amber is like any regular 12 year old girl. She goes to school everyday, she does chores, she hangs out with her friends on the weekend. But that all ends when her and her friends see an announcement about the dead coming back to life and eating others. She was frightened of course but she knew she could get through this.


4. Chapter 3

          ~~2 months later

                                                       Amber's P.O.V. No I'm joking lol

                                                                        Carl's P.OV.

Its been 2 months since Shane came and got me and Mom. I remember when I was little I had an obsession with zombie movies, I had books about it but never did I expect it to actually happen. We are in a pretty big group right now, we are a little while away from Atlanta. There is Ben and his kids, Daryl and Merle, Dale, Amy and Andrea, Shane, Me and Mom, Tdog, and quite a few others. Right now some of the group went to Atlanta on a run. My mom and Carol make sure we all do school work everyday. I thought when the end of the world came school would end, but I guess not. There is this girl named Amber, I think I like her, but she hates my guts. Shes to good for me anyways, her and her friend Chelsea seem like the girls at school who think no guys like them but reality is guys like them but they are scared to ask them out. We hear a car alarm going off and we all run outside. The guys are trying to shut off the alarm. A truck pulls up. "Andrea!" Amy yells. Everyone runs to their families and I realize I'll never see Dad again.  "Helicopter boy, come meet everyone!" A guy walks out and looks up. "Dad!" I scream running up to him. In the corner of my eye I see Amber smiling at us. I hug him. My mom gets there and hugs him too. "We thought you were dead." I say. "Wait wheres Merle?" Ben asks.

Amber's P.O.V.

Chelsea wandered off about 10 minutes ago. I wonder where she went. "Hey Jackson can you go with me to find Chelsea?" I ask, Jackson nods and grabs his gun. "Chelsea!" I scream. "Amber! Help Amber!" I hear Chelsea scream again, this time a bloody scream. "Chelsea!" I say running the way her screams came from. I run to her and she has a geek on her biting her neck. I knock it off her and shoot it. "Amber! Jackson! Where are you?" My dad yells.  "Here dad!" Jackson says. "Its okay Chelsea I'm here. Im here." I say crying. "Amber. Shoot me please end it before it starts again." "I can't." I say "You can! Please do it." I nod and grab the gun. "I love you Chelsea. " I say and pull the trigger. I lay down and start to sob. Someone picks me up. "NO CHELSEA, DON'T TAKE ME AWAY FROM HER. SHES MY ONLY FRIEND THAT IS LEFT. NO!" I scream. "Ssh Amber its okay. Lets go back to camp." Jackson says. My Dad and Carl's Dad run up. "What happened?" Dad asks. " Chelsea is gone." Jackson says. I curl into his chest and cry harder. "Rick go get Carol, Carol can talk to her." "Carol?" He ask "Just ask Lori to get Carol and tell her what happened." Jackson says starting to walk back to camp. "Please don't make me move away from her. She is my best friend!" I say. Jackson holds me down as I try to get away and get to Chelsea. "Jackson give me her." My dad says. I'm handed over and Dad starts running to the camp. "Carol!" He yells. Carol runs over. "Ssh its okay Amber. Come here." Carol says, my dad sits me down and I run to Carol and collapse into her arms. I sob for a while and Carl comes up. "Can I talk to her?" Carl asks. "Yeah I'll go get food while you talk." Carol says. "How are you?" Carl asks me. "Horrible! My mom and 2 of my friends died and I just can't stop feeling its my fault." I admit. "Its not your fault Amber." Carl says. He opens his arms and I fall into them and hug him. "Do you want me to take you to your tent?" Carl asks, I nod and he picks me up. He sits me on my bed and sits on it next to me. I hug him again and someone clears their throat. I turn around to see my dad standing with a plate of food. "Am I interrupting something?" "No." I say as he hands me and Carl both a plate of food. "Thank you sir." Carl says. Dad nods and walks away from the tent. Me and Carl start eating. "Hey Carl.... Can I ask you something?" Carl nods. "Why did you ignore me before today?" "Um its weird actually. I thought you hated me."  "What? Why would you think that?" "Everytime I tried to look at you or talk to you Chelsea would pull me away or tell me you were busy."  "Oh." "Carl can I tell you something?" "Yea." "I hate you." I say smiling at him. "I hate you too." He says smirking

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