It all started with I hate you (Carl Grimes Fanfic) (The Walking Dead)

Amber is like any regular 12 year old girl. She goes to school everyday, she does chores, she hangs out with her friends on the weekend. But that all ends when her and her friends see an announcement about the dead coming back to life and eating others. She was frightened of course but she knew she could get through this.


11. Chapter 10

~~Ambers P.O.V.

2 days later ~They've came back with Randall from the school btw~

"Amber have you seen Rick?" Carol asks me. "Um yeah, hes with Lori." I say "Thanks." "Hi Glenn, wheres Dale?" "On a walk." "A walk? Its dark." I say. "AHH HELP SOMEONE HELP!" "Dale!?!?" I scream grabbing my gun and running towards the voice. "Daryl do you see him?!" I scream. "Over there!" Daryl screams running and tackling the walker on him. "Oh my god." I say looking at Dale, whose insides were on the outside. "Dale!" Andrea screams. "Over here guys." Daryl screams. I start crying and Daryl pulls me into his chest. "Its okay Amber." Daryl says. I bury my face in his chest. Everyone else runs up. "HERSHAL!" Rick yells. "Hes not gonna make it." "Hes suffering!! Do something!" Andrea screams. Daryl pushes me towards Glenn and grabs the gun from Rick. "Sorry brother." Daryl says and shoots him in the head. Glenn pulls me closer and I sob in his chest. Glenn starts crying and I hug him really tight. "Here let me see her." Daryl says. Daryl picks me up and Maggie replaced my spot in Glenn's arms. Daryl starts to walk away and so does everyone but Andrea.
 I walk to me and Carl's tent and lay down and cry myself to sleep.

~Next day at Dale's funeral.~

"Dale was like a grandfather to me,  anytime I needed advice he was there. You will be missed Dale." I say, I go and stand by Daryl. "You will truly be missed Dale." Rick says and everyone starts walking off. "Wheres Jackson?" I ask Daryl. "Probably in his tent." "I'm going to talk to him." I say walking to his tent. "Be careful." Daryl says. I unzip the tent and hes just sitting on his bed. "What are you doing in here?" Jackson snaps. "Came to talk." "And why would you want to do that? Why don't you go eat your new boyfriends face off?" "You might be an ass but your still my brother." I say ignoring the last part of his comment. "Just get out." "What is your problem?" "You did nothing to save dad!" "How was I supposed to save him?!?" I scream. "You should have paid more attention towards him then that stupid boy!" He shouts back. "I couldn't do anything to help Dad! Don't you think I would of!" "No, you wouldn't! Hes not even your damn Dad!" "What?" "You heard me hes only my Dad! Not yours!" "Hes my Dad, what are you trying to say?" "Mom and Dad broke up and her and Daryl dated and she got pregnant with you! Then Dad came back and Mom dumped Daryl and got back with Dad! They weren't even married! Your fucking Dad didn't want to leave though, he wanted to be around his kid! Mom only let him as a friend! She didn't want you or Daryl!" He screams. I run out of his tent and ran to Daryl's. "Why didn't you tell me?" I ask. "Tell you what Amber?" "I'm your daughter and you never told me!" "Amber oh God, you weren't suppose to know that.  Your mom didn't want me around you. She said I was no good, that I would ruin her family! She was going to get rid of you but I talked her out of it. She said as long as you were Ben's daughter by law I could see you. I'm sorry I didn't tell you." I'm speechless, what do I say?
 I did look a lot like Daryl, same light brown hair, same eyes. Jackson looked just like Da-Ben, blue eyes blonde hair. "Dar-Dad, can I call you dad?" "Yes of course." Daryl says. "Dad, I'm sorry." "You have nothing to be sorry about." I hug him and he hugs back. "They were gonna tell you on your 16 birthday." "Who knows?" "Lori, Rick, and then your brother." "Lori knew the day at the barn! She called me your daughter." "Yes, I love you Amber, and I would understand if you hated me." "I don't hate you, it wasn't you who wanted to keep it from me. I love you too Dad." "You don't understand how long I've wanted to hear those words." Daryl says hugging me again.

I know this is short but this is how I wanted to end it lol.... Sorry, but omfg Daryl is Amber's dad ~Caitlyn

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