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  • Published: 3 Aug 2014
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Leigh is a young girl who suffers from depression and is suicidal because of the abuse she faces at home. She looks for love elsewhere and finds it in the teacher she's known for 5 years.


6. Chapter 6

Chapter 6

The next morning, Mr. Mentin woke in his bed and turned to kiss his wife but realized she was not in bed. He walked out of his bedroom and looked out to the living room. There, on the long white couch, complemented by the red color of the walls, lied his wife. Her chin leaned upon Leigh's head and her arms were wrapped tightly around her. Leigh was pressed up against her chest, holding Mrs. Mentin as well. Their eyes seemed damp from pass tears they cried together. They had fallen asleep together on the couch.

Mr. Mentin walked over in his old night robe and rubbed Leigh's back until she gently awoke. "Good morning, dear." He whispered. "Hey dad." Leigh couldn't move with Mrs. Mentin's arms around her. She wiggled until she woke too. "Good morning, sweetie." She mumbled as she stretched. The pulled from one another and stood up to stretch. "I don't remember falling asleep." Leigh said with a yawn. "Neither do I."

All of a sudden a little rumble was heard from the bedrooms and Lily and Brayden came charging out of their rooms and jumped up on Leigh. "Good morning my little brats!" Leigh said squeezing them. "Good morning." Brayden replied. Lily ran away, expecting Leigh to chase after her. "Get dressed, we're going on to breakfast!" Mr. Mentin announced. Leigh looked down at herself. She was still in concert attire. "Um, Mrs...." "Don't worry about it. We should be the same size. You could wear something of mine." Mrs. Mentin said. "Actually, I think we're the same size." Mr. Mentin joked around. "What kind of insult was that?" Leigh said playfully pushing him. "What kind was that?!" He replied.

Leigh came out in in light blue shirt and black jeans from last night and her sneakers. “You look nice.” Mrs. Mentin said. “I look like you.” Leigh said. “And that’s not nice?” Mrs. Mentin asked. “Don’t we all have school?” Brayden asked. “We’re not going today.” Mrs. Mentin said. She looked at Leigh, whose eye was still very purple and black. As they approached the front door, there was a knock. Dr. Kelly. stood there, shocked at what she saw. “We should get Leigh to school. I heard she wasn’t in so I came to check on her.” Dr. Kelly said. “She’s fine. We’re going to get something to eat.” Mr. Mentin said entering the car. Stunned, Dr. Kelly looked around and went back into her car and drove back to school.

After breakfast, Leigh and the Mentins came back to the house. Lily and Brayden dragged Leigh downstairs to play with them. A few hours later, Mrs. Mentin called for Leigh. Leigh went up to the living room and limping from being attacked by small children. “Sit down.” Mrs. Mentin said sternly. Mr. Mentin and Mrs. Mentin sat seemingly awkward across Leigh. Leigh felt tense. “Is there a problem?” Leigh asked. “No, we just wanted to tell you somethings.” “Okay?” “In this house there will be no fighting. There will be cursing. There will be no hating. And there will be no monkey business.” Mrs. Mentin said. Leigh giggled at the words, “monkey business.” Mrs. Mentin rolled her eyes. Mr. Mentin got up and went to the kitchen. “I do expect you to act as a part of the household. Not walk around awkwardly as if you’re a guest.” Mrs. Mentin said. “What?” Leigh asked confused. Mr. Mentin came back with a folder in his hands and pulled out some papers and a pen. “You’re not longer a guest in our house.” Mr. Mentin said. “We’re adopting you.” Mrs. Mentin said. Leigh’s jaw dropped and Mrs. Mentin giggled in enjoyment. “What about my-” “They’re in jail for child abuse and endangerment.” Mr. Mentin cut in. “’re allowed to just...adopt me?” Leigh said, her heart skipping beats. She was so overwhelmed with joy. “Lily! Brayden! Come here please!” Mrs. Mentin said.

Lily and Brayden came running to the living room. By that time, Leigh was in tears of joy. “What happened? Is she leaving?” Brayden said in fear. “She’s never leaving.” Mrs. Mentin said. “Why not?” Lily asked. “She’s your new sister.” Mr. Mentin replied. Brayden and Lily ran to Leigh who picked them up high and squeezed them. “I’m not going to leave.” Leigh said excitedly. “Promise?” Lily asked. “Promise.” Leigh replied.


The End

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