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  • Published: 3 Aug 2014
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Leigh is a young girl who suffers from depression and is suicidal because of the abuse she faces at home. She looks for love elsewhere and finds it in the teacher she's known for 5 years.


5. Chapter 5

Chapter 5

    On the first day back to school, Leigh’s mom woke up with her and watched her get ready for school, making sure she didn’t take off again. Leigh’s dad was back home which ticked off Leigh more. She got to school and went straight to the orchestra room. Mrs. Mentin sat typing away at her computer. Leigh walked in, not sure whether to smile or not she just looked blankly. Pain and joy filled her heart. “Oh Leigh! You’re back!” Mrs. Mentin exclaimed as she stuck out both arms. Leigh motioned for her to stand up but Mrs. Mentin only said, “Just come and hug me from the chair!” She dragged Leigh down and squeezed her tightly. “I missed you.” Leigh mumbled. “I know, sweetie.” “When’s the concert?” Leigh asked, knowing the last orchestra concert approached quickly. “Wednesday.” “This Wednesday?!” Leigh screamed. “Yes? Forgot?” “Yes!” Leigh ran back to class, not knowing why she didn’t just stay but carried on with the rest of the day.

    Each period, she avoided Dr. Kelly vitally and always watched over her back. All her friends were elated to see Leigh, especially Jade and Darrell.

    Leigh went home that day and her father began to only glare at her, upset she had left. Leigh went to her room and closed the door to do homework. She heard stomping up the stairs. Her door flew open and her father walked in. “If you EVER run away like that again, I swear I will find you.” He said, in her face with his hand pointed. “You don’t EVER do that to family EVER again!” He yelled. His nose was almost touching Leigh’s. Leigh’s face was red and her eyes were redder, ready to cry. “If I hear the word, ‘depressed’ come out of your mouth or you tell another school teacher that I’m a monster, I will leave this family immediately. I don’t need you.” He yelled. He quickly left the room slamming the door behind him. Leigh broke down in loud sobs and her mother came in more quietly. “Your father’s such an asshole. I married him for you so you’d have a father. Look what we’re in now. I almost commit suicide when you left...leave again I definitely will commit.” She said. Leigh couldn’t stop sobbing. Her mother just got up and left to go back downstairs. She wished  she had never left Seabury.

    Wednesday came and the concert was that night. Leigh dressed in a black T-shirt and black jeans. She didn’t care what she wore anymore or how she looked. Her parents went to watch her perform so they looked like they cared. Dr. Kelly was also there and gave flowers to Leigh went she went off stage. “Good conducting.” Leigh joked around backstage with Mrs. Mentin. “Good playing.” She teased back.

    At the end of the show, Leigh went to the auditorium where her friends waited to congratulate her. “Leigh it’s time to go!” Leigh heard her mother say. She ignored it and continued you speak to Darrell, Jade and many other orchestra friends. “Leigh! Listen!” Her father shouted. Holding her anger in, Leigh gripped her cello a bit harder. Her friends, not noticing carried on their conversations. “Leigh Rivera! Now!” Leigh's friends parted from her as the screams from her parents grew louder. They walked up the auditorium and out the door to meet their parents while Leigh's were waiting right behind her. "I'm tired and in pain. Lets go, now!" Her mother said sharply to her. "Fine! But I have to put away my cello." "Leave the cello, your teacher will get it. Lets go." Her dad cut in. "Dad, this isn't a pig sty, I'll be right back." "Don't talk to me like that. Leave the fucken cello." He growled. "No!" Leigh finally stood up for herself.

As quickly as she stood up, she was put back down with the impact of her father's fist across her face. His knuckles clashed with her eye while the rest of his big hand landed upon her left cheek. Leigh didn't fall down but instead leaned painful upon to stage behind her. Everything seemed to go silent and the room seemed to be spinning. Her vision and hearing returned the next moment when Mrs. Mentin's voice came to her right ear. "Oh my! Leigh!" She shouted from the top of the stage. She ran out panicking, Mr. Marx behind her noticed the scene and ran off to call for help. "Leigh come here!" She said fearfully. "Leigh, come here." Leigh's mother begged desperately. Leigh looked up at Mrs. Mentin and then at her mother. Tears formed in her eyes which caused her much pain. She slowly backed away from both of them, clutching her left eye.

"What did you do to her!" A man's voice shouted from behind Leigh. Mr. Mentin was coming down the auditorium aisle and grabbed Leigh. Leigh's father came to confront him with his fists balled up. Leigh fought away from Mr. Mentin and pushed her father away from him. "Stop it!" She yelled at him. As he stumbled back, Mr. Mentin grabbed Leigh once more and carried her up the steps of the stage and into the back hallway.

There, reality came rushing back to Leigh. She collapsed in tears into Mr. Mentin's broad shoulders. He hugged her tightly, letting her release her emotions. "Don't let him get me." She cried repeatedly. "Don't worry, I won't." Mr. Mentin said, now rocking her back and forth. "Don't let him get me, dad." She sobbed. He stopped momentarily at what she called him. He placed his hand on the back of her head and held her. "I promise I won't." He whispered.

The sound of high heels could be heard from behind Leigh. Mr. Mentin saw his wife walking towards them. She overheard Leigh call him "dad" and she had a proud smile on her face. Mrs. Mentin pulled Leigh from her husband and hugged her tightly. "They're gone." She said. "No! No, they're going to find me. I'm with you, they don't want that!" Leigh cried, fighting Mrs. Mentin. She grabbed hold of Leigh and looked her in the eyes. "The cops arrived. They're gone." Leigh sobbed even harder in Mrs. Mentin. She looked up to see Dr. Kelly walking towards them. Leigh pulled away and leaned back onto Mr. Mentin. "Can I have a word with you, Trish?" Dr. Kelly said.

Leigh quietly whimpered as Mr. Mentin slowly rocked her saying, "It's going to be okay."

Leigh could overhear their conversation. "Tom said I would have to take her to my home." Dr. Kelly mumbled to Mrs. Mentin. "I really don't think that's a good idea right now, considering her state." "I can't let a teacher take her." "I'm not just her teacher." "And there lies the problem." "And you trust she won't run from you or attempt suicide?" "Do you?" "Around me? Yes, I trust her." Mrs. Mentin said sharply. Dr. Kelly stood taken aback. "Fine. I'll have a word with Tom." Dr. Kelly before she walked away.

Mr. Marx approached Mrs. Mentin and waved at Leigh. Leigh only pushed her head more into Mr. Mentin. "I'm sorry. I'm going to go home now. I'm taking Leigh." He nodded and walked back to the choir room.

They waited until the main entrance was cleared from chaos before walking Leigh to their car. She continued to lean upon Mr. Mentin. She finally parted with him when they put her in the car. Mr. Mentin drove home while Mrs. Mentin sat in the passenger seating, keeping her hand behind her seat to hold Leigh's. Leigh kept her other hand covering her left eye.

When they arrived home, Mr. Mentin stayed behind with Leigh while Mrs. Mentin explained to her parents, who were babysitting the kids, what had happened. When her parents left, they all walked in, Leigh, still clutching her eye. Mrs. Mentin sat her down in the dining room and slowly took her hand from her eye. Leigh's left eye was swollen all around all the way down to her jaw. Her whole left side seemed to be purple and blue. "It's throbbing." Leigh said, her eyes filling up with tears. She cringed at the pain of crying. Her left eye was completely red. "I know, sweetie. I'm so sorry!" Mrs. Mentin said. She turned to her husband. "It looks bad, Chris." "It's not going to look pretty." He said, gulping down some water. He grabbed Leigh a water bottle and let her drink. By then it was already 11PM.

Mrs. Mentin helped Leigh to the living room couch and lied her down while placing a bag of ice upon her eye. She went into the kitchen and spoke to her husband for the moment. There lied Leigh staring at the wall, lying on the couch she had sat happily so many times, wondering why all this had happened to her.

"What's all the noise?" A small voice appeared from the stairs. Leigh didn't move, she didn't want to be seen. "Brayden dear, nothing." Mrs. Mentin said. "Why is everyone up?" Another voice came. "Lily, go back to bed." Mrs. Mentin told her. "Is that dork?!" She exclaimed excitedly, running down the few stairs. She ran up to Leigh and looked at her. "Why is there ice on your eye?" She asked. Leigh didn't want to look at her and let her see her eye. "Is everything alright with Leigh?" Brayden said, moving away from his mother and walking towards Leigh. Leigh sat up and looked at them. Neither of them backed up but instead looked with curiosity. "Does that hurt?" Lily asked. "Where'd you get it?" Brayden followed up. "Don't ask questions like that." Mr. Mentin said.

"No it''s fine." Leigh said.

She motioned the kids to come sit next to her. Jackson sat to her right while Lily hopped up on her lap. "You know how every time I see you I ask how you're doing?" They both nodded. "Well, sometimes people don't ask other people that and perhaps that person had a bad day. Well then they're holding that bad day in." "What does that have to do with your purple eye?" Lily asked, slowly touching it. Leigh moved her hand from her face gently. "Well after a while, bad days begin to hurt them." "So you had a bad day?" Brayden asked. "Let me finish." They all giggled. "They hurt right here." Leigh pressed her hand on Lily's heart. "And when there's a lot of pain built up here...they hurt people here." Leigh pointed to her eye. Brayden looked down to try and comprehend what Leigh said. Lily seemed only interested in poking Leigh's eye. "Guys, that's why I always want to talk to you. I always want to see how you're doing. If you have a bad day, you should tell someone whether it be your mom, dad or even me. Someone you trust, ok?" Brayden nodded and Lily did too. Leigh gave both a kiss on the top of their heads. "Go to bed guys. I love you. Goodnight." "Goodnight Leigh!" They said running off to their bedrooms.

Leigh looked over at Mr. and Mrs. Mentin who listened to her the entire time from the dining room table. Mrs. Mentin had tears in her eyes. "You're a good sister to the." She said. She walked to Leigh and bent over to hug her tightly, and then sat to her left. Mr. Mentin patted her head, "you're a good kid." He said. "Goodnight." He walked off to bed.

Mrs. Mentin put her arm around Leigh and the snuggled up on the couch together for the moment. "You know I'm really sorry." She said. "Don't be." Leigh replied. "I know I don't have to be, it's just that you're this amazing child who gets crap." Leigh stayed silent. "I mean you live in fear and in pain of the ones who birthed you. I can't understand how someone who cries so often can make so many people smile." She sighed and brought Leigh closer to her. "I love you mom." Leigh whispered, buried in her chest. Mrs. Mentin kissed the top of her head. "I love you too darling."

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