under the moonlight

"ghada bourguiba", or "angie boo" as my friends call me , a student in an engineers college, what is happening in my life is litteraly unbelievable.
i never expected my life to go in this path. never.


17. the truth that shouldn't have been told

Angie’s POV: 

I opened my eyes slowly, and extended my arm to get my phone from the night stand. It was 5 am. I walked out of bed carefully, glanced at justin who was sleeping like a baby and walked to the bathroom to pee, then suddenly the memories of the last day flashed in my mind.


‘   “what do you want from me” I yelled horrified.

“nothing.. we’re just waiting for your stupid boyfriend to come.” A man said with a cold voice

“hey calum!” another man appeared, he was the one that kidnapped me, he whispered something to the first man called calum, and in a second calum left.  The man walked towards me and said “I told you that you’re going to regret the way you talked to me earlier”   I swallowed hard and tried to look confident and not scared, but that was hard! He was now standing in front of me, I tried to look anywhere but at him. But he lifted my chin and looked in my eyes with anger and hate. “fuck you”  I whispered, and I instantly regretted it but it was too late because the second I finished my sentence a heavy palm crashed my face. “you’re naughty! and I’m gonna learn you how to respect!” he slipped down my jeans forcefully, and then my underwear, I was now shaking, he took off his clothes, and instantly got himself in me…”      


I froze at the memory, started shaking   and breathed heavily. I ran to the bathroom and locked the door behind me. I put my hands on the two sides of the sink to get my balance, looked up and stared at myself in the mirror. “I don’t deserve to live”  I whispered to myself. I grabbed justin’s shaving machine, and took off one of the scissors on it. I sat on the closed toilet seat, closed my eyes and started cutting hoping that justin won’t be here to save me again, but... “angie?”  I heard justin’s worried voice  “where are you?”  he asked again.  I stayed quiet, he knocked on the door “angie?...  angie! Open the door.. I know you’re here!” 

“uhm, i-I’m fine I’ll be there in a minute justin..”  I said

“angie are you sure that you’re okay?  I’m smelling blood”      

“yes” I answered without stopping cutting but in less than thirty seconds the door flew wide open. And justin was in front of me. I stared at him in shock and so did he. “w-what are you doing?”  he stuttered

I let go of the scissors and stared at the floor. He walked closer to me and held my wrist in disbelief. “why did you do that? did you want to leave me?” he said with a dead serious tone

“n-no, I just r-remembered what happened yesterday.. i-I’m sorry.. I really am”

he tightened his jaw and grabbed the first aid kit, grabbed some alcohol and cotton and started cleaning my cuts. I jumped when the alcohol made contact with the cuts.. it hurt.. After he was all done he lifted my chin and looked in my eyes “please don’t hurt yourself again, I swear you hurt me too”  I smiled a weak smile and a tear rolled down my cheek but he smashed his lips to mine , he pulled out looked at my eyes again and then picked me up, I wrapped my legs around his waist and rested my head on his shoulder and he rubbed my back in a comforting way.  Then he walked to his room and put some slow music on and started dancing, with me still in the same position, and that made a big smile appear on my face, I posed my forehead on his and my arms around his neck and stayed like that not wanting this moment to end. “thank you justin, every time you’re the one saving my life.. and you always know how to make me happy”  he smiled and pecked my lips.


I woke up for the second time today. At the same second I opened my eyes justin got in the room with a plate full of food. “who wanna have breakfast in bed?” he asked. “MEEE!” I shouted like a baby. He sat on the bed facing me. I was about to grab something to eat but he stopped me “I’ll feed you. You’re my little baby”  I smiled  “oh come one justin, you’re just 1 year older than me!”    “still younger than me”  I chuckled and gave in.  the way he was feeding me was funny. He put some melted chocolate  on my nose, cheek, lips and neck. “hey!” I groaned “oops! I’ll take them off..” he leaned down licked my nose, then cheek. Looked at me in the eyes, then went to my lips and French kissed me then went down my neck and started kissing and licking it which made me unconsciously moan and enjoy the feeling.. he pulled out, but my body needed more, and my hormones were going crazy.. I put away the plate that was separating us. “you’re such a tease, you know that?” I said whispering. I licked his earlobe. I know this is one of his weaknesses. He closed his eyes in pleasure.i laid him down and got on top of him kissing every inch of his body.. and before things get more heated miley got in the room..   “fuck!” she shouted

I sat up and looked at her annoyed “there’s something called a door, and you have to knock on it before getting in!”

“I did, I swear, but you didn’t answer I was worried if something bad happened to you…” she said

“it’s okay miley.. is everything alright??” justin asked..

“yes, it’s just, your brothers want you to take them to the cinema today.” She said

“okay, we’ll go all together” he answered , then she disappeared out of the room.

“where were we” justin asked trying to get the tension back.

“in your room eating  breakfast” I said smiling as I grabbed the plate. And restarted eating..

“angie.. i have to tell you something.”

“yes baby?”

“rapas are threatening us with war.. in two months..”

“what?!!!” I shouted

“I’m sorry angie.. I have nothing to do with that.. I just have to get prepared. and I just found out that I am the boss of the clan.  Which means it’s my responsibility to win the war..”

“and what if..”  I swallowed “what if you fail.. what if you get hurt..”

He was quiet for a second.. and then spoke up “ hopefully that won’t happen.. let’s stay positive please..”  

“how am I supposed to stay positive justin.. I don’t want to lose you.. I’ll be lost without you.. is there a way that you can leave this? “

“no.. listen angie please, don’t make it harder than it actually is.”

“I’m sorry”

“don’t be, if I were you I’d do the same  thing”

“can i help you?”

“ I don’t think so.. I mean you’re a human, you’re not strong enough..”

“then.. make me a vampire”


“why not!”

“it’s dangerous! I can’t do that to you”

“justin!!” I begged

“I’m serious! No means no!”

“okay..” I got out of bed an changed my clothes.

“where are you going”

“walk around”

“I’m not letting you go alone”

“I want to be alone” I insisted

“angie, don’t be so stubborn. I don’t want you to end up getting raped again!”

“how dare you! That happened because of you! Because you put me through all of this! Leave the fuck of me alone okay?” I spat

I was pissed off over nothing. I felt so stressed. Justin had no reaction he just looked at me.. I admit that my words were hard, but that was the truth, that shouldn’t have been told..

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