under the moonlight

"ghada bourguiba", or "angie boo" as my friends call me , a student in an engineers college, what is happening in my life is litteraly unbelievable.
i never expected my life to go in this path. never.


30. the end


today was the funeral of both of miley and angie. their families flew to new york just to attend the funeral. i chatted with angie's brother for a while, and then he decided to come with me to his sister's house.

i wasn't sure if i was ready to go to her room yet. i wasn't sure if i was ready to face reality. 

i unlocked the door and went to her room, her brother following behind.  

i opened her closet and sniffed her clothes. her smell is fading. i looked around her room and wondered if she was watching over me righ now.

"actually justin.." her brother said "she once told me she was writing a book for you."

"for me?"

"yes, she said she'd give it to you on your birthday. i'm not sure if she finished it yet.. but i think you should look for it"

without saying a word i hurried to her book shelf. opening every book, until i found a purple leather book. i opened it and 'under the moonlight' was the title. 


when i finally got back home i went to my room and lied on my bed. after an hour or two i finished reading. my tears stained the pillow. 

The book was about us. and I loved the ending.


 '''he said as he sat on one knee:

under the moonlight we met for the first time, under the moonlight we faced danger together, and under the moonlight I want to make you my wife” he grabbed a small red box from his pocket. And I covered my mouth, shocked.

“angie, because I love you and treasure you, because I respect you and care for you, I want to marry you. So will you marry me?” he said smiling.

Without wasting a second I shouted yes and jumped in his arms.

I glanced at the ring on my finger and smiled like an idiot.

Then I looked at his face that was clear to see under the bright moonlight, his beautiful vampire eyes were stunning. his jaw line was  mind blowing. His lips were so kissable. And his hair was so smooth and pretty.

under the moonlight, I realized that he’s the best thing that has ever happened in my life. ‘''

 before putting the book on my nightstand I noticed a note that said

 “the day I met you, I knew my life would be a sweet nightmare. Nice but scary. Short but feels real. I don’t know whether it’s going to be short or not, because that’s something only destiny can decide. But I want to tell you, that these last months were the happiest in my life! I experienced things I never experienced before. I visited new places and met new faces. You were my family, my boyfriend and the one I considered as my future husband. You brought color to my life. and you brought life to my colors! i love you every day! I love you all the time!  (I know I can say this to you directly. But, uh, you know I’m not that good at expressing feelings.)   ”

I smiled at the words I just read. Looked at the sky from my window and whispered “I love you too angie, every day and all the time.”

I hugged the book and whispered again “I will never forget you baby girl. Never.” 




************___________________________THE END______________________________****************


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