under the moonlight

"ghada bourguiba", or "angie boo" as my friends call me , a student in an engineers college, what is happening in my life is litteraly unbelievable.
i never expected my life to go in this path. never.


11. surprise !

I rested my head on his chest listening to his heartbeats. “jay?”  “yes baby?”  “you said that you had a surprise for me, can I know it? Pwease?”  I pouted my lips hoping that he’ll give in “are you kidding? It’s called a surprise ! I can’t ruin it”   “fine.. what kind of surprises?”   “ no more questions! I won’t tell you!”   “duh okay. I have to call my mother so don’t say a word okay?”  “okay”   

After what seemed like hours my mother finally picked her phone

“ghada!?”   “yes mom, it’s me”   “oh my god, I miss you so much, how are you? are you eating good? Are you healthy ? are you fine? How is your college? ..”  and here it comes my mom’s billion questions. “yes yes I’m fine”  “where are you?”  “at my friend’s house”  “how is miley?”  “yes she’s fine,I just wanted to hear your voice and get sure you guys are alright, I  have to go .. talk to you later”  “bye sweetie, be careful and stay safe , all your cousins, aunts and your uncles miss you so much! You father is saying hi..-“   “okay mom bye”   I hung up. My mom talks a lot , what do you expect from a 50 years old Tunisian woman?  “at your friend’s house then?”   “ahaha, did you expect me to say ‘hey mom I’m at my boyfriend’s house, and yesterday we almost made love?’ I’m still young to get killed man... “  justin laughed “anyways, I want you to wear a dress for tonight’s surprise okay baby?”  “sure, I better get going, can you take me home please?”   “no” he said coldly so  I looked at him confused “hahaha, you’re stupid angie! Of course I will”  “you’re a mahboul!”   “a what?”  “mahboul”   “what is this..”   “hahah, it’s a Tunisian word and it means crazy!”   “this is weird.. haha, let’s go my pretty weird girlfriend”


“ mileyy come here”  I yelled really impatient  “okay 2 seconds” I looked at my closet I had few dresses but I don’t know what to pick.  “what do you want?”  “help me pick a dress!”    “did we switch our roles or something”   “why?”   “I used to be the one who asks for help to pick a dress for my dates”   “uh, at least I have a stable one boyfriend”   “hey! Me too! I’m with Jacob for almost a week!”   “okay okay !   just help me please”     “this is the dress”   miley picked a cute purple , with a. I’ll need some purple high heels and few accessories. I kissed miley’s cheek “thank you bae”  I put the dress on , miley helped me to curl the bottom of my hair, and do my makeup. I looked at myself in the mirror satisfied with what I looked like.  “I wonder where is he taking me”  “is it a surprise?”   “yep.. you know what miley? I think I fell for him”    “ahw, who could imagine that angie boo would fall for a guy, I’m proud of you… as we’re waiting for your ‘prince charmant’ tell me how was the dinner yesterday at his house? “    “you have a horrible french accent, uhm .. it was fun , his sister was afraid of me then she seemed to like me. He cooked the dinner and it was really delicious!  Then we watched a movie in his room and then we slept”   “what? you guys slept together“   “uhhh no no.. we actually almost did it, and I was happy that his little brother interrupted us”    “oh , why were you happy”   “I didn’t want to lose my virginity yesterday , I thought it was a bit early. And I thought about my family too”       “your family again? Angie can you please not stop your life because you’re just ‘afraid’ of your family?”  “I’m trying”  I felt my phone vibrating “oh he’s calling..  hey babe… okay I’m coming” I looked at miley and said  “he’s waiting outside, see you later honey, well I may sleep at justin’s so don’t get worried.. bye” I kissed her cheek and left the house..


“you look pretty”  he said   “not bad yourself”   “okay, let’s go”   he opened the door for me, as usual and he drove to god knows where he’s taking us… I didn’t want to ask him anything , so the drive was quiet and calm.  “we’re here” he said with a soft voice, I looked from the window and we were in front of a skyscraper. He got out and opened my door. Took my hand and walked over the door. There were two security guard, justin showed them a card so they let us in. we walked over the elevator and he pressed the 3rd floor button. There was a big door, we walked over it and there was another security guard, justin showed him another card and they let us in. we walked in and we found ourselves in a little concert room. Justin didn’t let go of my hand and walked over the front row, placed me in a good seat and gave me a card. “sit here I’ll be back”   I nodded my head as he walked away. The room’s light turned off. Then the stage’s light was on, I looked around looking for justin , I suddenly heard everyone cheering, I looked at the stage again.. it was justin ! what is he doing there ? I mean what kind of concerts is this. I looked at the card that justin had given me.   Ah , I’m an idiot ! it’s his music college’s  show.

“good evening everybody”  he said “tonight I’m going to perform a special song I’ve written about a special lovely girl, she’s actually in the audience right now. Uhmm, angie it has been a pretty long time since I wanted to tell you about my feelings and I thought that today would be a good opportunity, so uhm angie, I want you to know that I love you so much and this song called ‘all that matters’ is for you”       everyone awed and clapped…   oh my fantastic god! He’s not serious right? Am I dreaming ? oh my god…


 “Oh oh, just as sure as the stars in the sky
I need you to show me the light
Not just for the meanwhile, for a long long time
Better believe it

Uh oh, whenever you're not in my presence
It feels like I'm missing my blessings, yeah
So I sleep through the daylight, stay awake all night
'Til you back again, yeah, yeah

You think I'm biased
To my significant other
You hit it right on the head
Only been missing my lover
Got a whole lotta texts on my phone and I don't reply
The next eight bars tell you why

You're all that matters to me, yeah yeah,
Ain't worried about nobody else
If I ain't with you, I ain't myself
You make me complete
You're all that matters to me, yeah, yeah,
What's a king bed without a queen
There ain't no "I" in team
You make me complete
You're all that matters to me

Take the gas out the car it won't drive
That's how I feel when you're not by my side
When I wake up in the morning up under you, and only you

Oh oh, I'm grateful for your existence
Faithful no matter the distance
You're the only girl I see
From the bottom of my heart please believe


Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
You're all that matters to me
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
You're all that matters to me “        


I was shocked, his voice was flawless, every word in the song had a meaning that touched my heart. All what I could say is  “oh my god, oh my god, oh my god” and I felt a tear run down my cheek.. this is the greatest surprise I’ve ever had in my whole life. I felt someone tapping my shoulder to get my attention, it was a girl “excuse me miss, are you angie?”  “uhm yes, why?”   “nothing, I just wanted to tell you that you’re so lucky.. at our college justin is wanted by all the girls. He’s like, the most popular boy but he was single and didn’t date any girl from our college… it seems that he loves you so much, from the passion he had put in the song..”  “ahw thank you, I hope he does…”  I smiled and she walked away, justin disappeared from the stage, I felt my phone vibrating, it was him, I picked it up “hey angie meet me outside”  “okay”  I walked over the big door, used the elevator to go to the main floor. I walked out and justin was standing in front of the car opening his arms I ran to him and hugged him tighter than ever “thank you justin”   “it’s nothing baby”   he opened my door and we both got in. “where are we going?”   “still a surprise bae”   “okay” …  another silent drive… then it hit me that I didn’t tell him that I love him back … “I love you too jay”   “uhm?”   “I..love..you..too. I forgot to tell you that I love you back earlier..”   “are you serious?”   “what do you think?”  “remind me to kiss you when we get where I’m taking you”  “okay, did you really write the song for me?”  “of course I did, I loved you since the first day.. and I love you more second by second”  “ahw..  nhebek”   “what?”   “I said nhebek, it means I love you in Tunisian..”  “nhebek too”   “ahaha you’ve got a horrible but cute accent”   “haha, purple looks perfect on you, it makes you sexier than you’re already are”   “me sexy? Ahhaa nice joke!” “shut up! You’re my sexy girlfriend! .. uhmm ..We’re here”    I looked from my window and we’re in a forest? I looked at justin in confusion “trust me you’ll like what you’ll see”    I got out of the car, he turned to my side and held my hand. We walked in the scary dark night between few trees then a light appeared. “close your eyes” I just closed my eyes not bothering myself to ask him why he helped me walk through the trees and plants then I could feel the ground becoming softer. “open your eyes”  I did and my jaw dropped in awe..   this is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life!  We were in the middle of a forest, candles on the ground indicating our way to a table. There was a lake just behind it. And on the other side there was a hill, not a big one.. justin took my hand again and led us to the table. Before sitting down, I remembered that I had to kiss him so I wrapped my arms around his neck and he wrapped his arms around my waist “thank you so much jay”   I leaned in and kissed his lips after looking deeply in his eyes.


“you did all of this for me?”  I asked him still surprised and amazed   “yes with the help of my besties” he answered    “I really want to meet them one day”      “you will”   I smiled at him and wondered if we’re going to eat or something, as we’re using a table. “it’s time for dinner”  justin stated  and with that he grabbed a bell and put on the table and rang it. In few minutes a blonde guy appeared, he was dressed in a waiter uniform and walked over us “hello, my name is ryan and I’ll be in your service tonight, dinner will be here in few minutes”  then he disappeared In the hill “oh my god , isn’t ryan your bestfriend?”   “yes, chaz is the cooker, and ryan is the waiter”   “oh my god.. this is one of the best moments in my entire life”   “mine too” 


Dinner was perfectly delicious, after eating and dancing a little bit justin grabbed his guitar and we sat beside the lake. He was singing to me and I was enjoying his soft and comforting voice.  After few songs we decided to go back home as it began to get cold.  It was almost 11pm so we had more time to spend together.  Justin told me that no one was home which means we can get more comfy.

we bought few bags of chips, pop corn, candy and chocolate. Because we’ll probably watch a movie and talk. 


We walked upstairs to justin’s room. I walked to the bathroom to change my outfit, well miley obliged me to wear some sexy underwears, you know just in case we… you know what I mean!    I brought my pajamas this time, because I expected spending the night here. I don’t know why but I like looking sexy in front of him, I love the way he’s checking me out.. hey don’t get me wrong! But it is how it is.   I wore my super short pajamas shorts and a top that showed my belly button.  I applied my vanilla lips hydrating cream, this cream is my favorite because it has an amazing taste. I got out of the bathroom after fixing my hair and taking off my makeup.

“angie let’s play a game”  he shouted  “sure”  I walked over him and he pulled me to his lap.  “what about truth or dare” he suggested  “okay, you go first” I replied      “truth or dare?”   “truth”    “tell me your favorite color, number, food, singer..ect”   “my favorite colors are blue and purple, my luck number is 6  because I was born on 6 January. My favourite food is, uhmm , I don’t know. I love a lot of foods, pizza, lasagna, spaghetti, an just a lot of others. My favorite singer is justin drew bieber,  my favorite movie is as I told you the first time we’ve met is twilight.. my favorite series are, uhmm , the vampire diaries and there’s a Tunisian serie called ‘maktoub’   which means destiny.. “    “oh, so I’m your favorite singer”   “yes sir, truth or dare?”    “truth”   “do you really love me? Like you’ve loved selena?”   “yes I do love you, by the time I’ll love you more than selena.. it’s just about time..”    “ah okay, your turn to ask”   “Truth or dare”   “uhmm dare”     “take off your shirt”   “what?”  I furrowed my eyebrows trying to get sure that I’ve heard him clearly..  “take off your shirt”   oh yes I heard him really clear.. I hesitated a bit then pulled out my shirt and I stayed in my super sexy black bras… then an idea popped out in my mind.. I’m going to turn him crazy tonight. I’m one of these girls that have perfect and attractive boobs… proud to be a booby lol I’m joking. So I’ll just make him hard and want me so badly, then I’ll think If he’ll be able to get what he wants or not..    Justin’s eyes lit up and grew wider “take a picture it lasts longer”   “haha, your turn” he said trying to avoid my gaze “truth or dare”  “dare”     “uhmm take off your.. uhmm ..” his eyes grew wider and waited impatiently for my dare.. “take off your phone from your pocket”  “dayym”  “hahaha... I gotchuu jayyy”   “you’ll regret this later” and he winked at me. “truth or dare”  “truth”    “uhh , you have an option if you don’t want to answer this, you can simply choose  a dare. So, how many days your period lasts”  what the fuck? Seriously? This is embarrassing! talking to your boyfriend about your periods? Oh my gosh.. I can tell my face is as red as a tomato right now “I switch, I’ll have a dare”   justin smiled really big, then I realized this is exactly what he wanted to get  “take off your shorts”   “the fuck?”    “sorry baby, these are the rules..”   “okay then..”  I took off my shorts and stayed in my under wears. Justin started checking me out again.  “truth or dare” I asked him  “I’ll say truth” he responded   “how badly you want me right now?”   “so badly, I want to show you what you’re worth, I want to make you feel special, I want to be your first time, I want to hear you screaming my name.. I just want you. But you’re not obliged to if you don’t want to”   “I want you too”  I can’t believe that I admitted that I wanted him too! I’m losing my virginity today or tomorrow, I’m sure justin deserves me more than anyone else, he’s been treating me like a princess for the whole week. Justin leaned in and kissed my lips and I deepened the kiss and it turned to a make out session, then he went down my neck which turned me on. And he kept kissing and sucking down to my chest then he took off his clothes and you all know what it ended up with… 

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