under the moonlight

"ghada bourguiba", or "angie boo" as my friends call me , a student in an engineers college, what is happening in my life is litteraly unbelievable.
i never expected my life to go in this path. never.


27. Steve?

We walked home, holding hands.

 Justin knocked on the door. Miley opened and she immediately jumped on both of us.

"I'm glad you're okay" she said

"I told you we'll be fine milez"  Justin looked at me frowning.

"Oh, i told her that you got into a fight in the camp you were in. And i had to go pick you" I said keeping on with the lie

 "Yes and she told me that it might be dangerous and stuff. I'm happy you're fine" Justin sighed in relief and smiled.

Jazmyn came to the living room in her pjs .

"Justin!!" She shouted and hugged him. She sat on his lap and he wrapped his arms around her. That was adorable.

"Miley is not as bad as I expected her to be" she said causing miley to laugh

"How so?" Justin asked amused

"I mean she has good advices, about dating and fashion and stuff"

"Dating?" His facial expressions changed " you have a boyfriend?!" He asked and she blushed.

"Justin! You're making her uncomfortable!" I stated

"Why didn't you tell me jazz?" He ignored me and started yelling at her

 "You never listen" she snapped and got off his lap then she ran upstairs. "Justin.. Girls her age don't like getting investigated. Let her be."

"But she has a boyfriend! What if he is much older than her? What if he manipulates her and gets her in bed at this really young age?"

"I understand that you're being protective. But that's not how you deal with teens. I must talk to her" I walked over her room and knocked

"Go away justin!" she cried

 "Sweetheart it's me. Can i get in?"

 "yea." I opened the door. She was lying on her bed covering her face with a pillow. I sat next to her and gently took away the pillow. Her eyes were red and puffy.

"Aww, sweetheart. Don't cry.. You know your brother is just being protective"

 " i know.. It's just that.. He never agrees on what i'm doing."

 " you know that he loves you and he never means to upset you. He was just worried. Let's forget about Justin... So, who is your boyfriend?"

" his name is christopher"

" does he go to your middle school?"

"No, actually he's one year older than me. He goes to high school"

" oh wow. How did you guys meet?"

 " it was kind of weird. Like, i was walking to the park with my friend about a month ago and he was skateboarding. He bumped into me and we both fell to the floor. He bought me an ice cream as an apology. And since then we were dating"

 "Ahw. That's so cute! But, you shouldn't fully trust him.. Like, you shouldn't be permissive and stuff."

"Do you mean, uh, like if he ever wants to , uh.. You know.."

 "Have sex. Yup. I consider you as my sister that's why I’m telling you this. Keep your first time when you are older. When you know what you're doing"

" I know. I'm smart don't worry. Hum, by the way, did you have uh, you know, with my brother?"


"Don't worry.. I'm not a kid" she crossed her arm over her chest

"Well. yes."

"Was he your first time"

"Yup.. And now let's stop talking about this.. Just be careful with your boyfriend, okay? I know you're smart enough.."

“Yes ma’am” she smiled and hugged me. I hugged her back. I love this girl.

 I stood up and walked over the door. "Thanks angie you really are awesome" she said before I got out. I smiled and just waved my hand.

 I went back to the living room where justin and miley were watching TV. I went over justin and sat on his lap. He wrapped his arms around me and buried his face in my neck, sniffing me.

 "That's creepy justin!" I laughed

"Sorry that I love your smell. It's comforting." He chuckled. I caught miley taking a picture of us

 "MILEZ" i shouted

" sorry, you two are so adorable i can't help it" she giggled.

"Go apologize to jazz" I looked at Justin.

"Not now. Let me sniff you some more"

"You're so creepy ugh."

 "And you love it" he whispered against my neck making me shiver

"Ok. Stop. Go to your sister"

 "Nope. Told you not now"

"Justin, If you don't go to your sister now. " I leaned to his ear and whispered "there will be no sex for a month"

"What? No! You can't do that"

 "Go now or..."

"Okay fine." He stood up and walked out of the living room

"I should go take a shower miley."

 "Okay. By the way Steve wants to meet you."

 "Steve? Who is that?"

 "My new boyfriend, duh."

 "You girl have no chill" I sighed

"I know." She stated

"Okay, how about a double date dinner at a fancy restaurant?" I suggested

"Good idea. Tell justin."

 "I will shower and we discuss this later" She nodded. I went upstairs to justin's room. I already have a lot of clothes here. I grabbed a pair of high waisted shorts and a crop top, and of course underwear. I went to justin's bathroom, i put my clothes aside and stepped in the shower. I gasped when i heard a noise  righ behind me, and arms wrapped all over me. It was justin. "Fuck." I muttered. Then i remembered that i was naked. I covered my body with my hands and he burst into laughter. "Why are you covering yourself. I saw you before."

"Get out."

 "Babe, come on let's shower together."

"No get out"

 "Nope. I’m not go nowhere" He took off his shirt. I couldn’t help but stare at his fine abs. He slid down his shorts. And stepped inside the shower. He wrapped his arms around me again and said

"Stop being so insecure and shy around me”

"I will try" I said blushing.

After showering With justin and putting my clothes on I went back to miley. "Did you guys shower together?" I blushed. And hid my face in justin's back. "Yup." Justin said proudly and she just laughed.

"Okay. So, I told Steve, my boyfriend that we will have dinner together at a French restaurant called 'gourmandise' we all meet at our house at 8pm. Okay?"

"Okay" me and justin said in sync which caused us to laugh.


Justin's pov:

I put my shoes on and drove to angie and miley's house. The weather was warm. It's june, so that's normal. I turned on the radio and I hummed to the song that was playing. I pulled off in front of their house. I knocked on their door and miley opened.

"Hey, you look good" I complimented her

"Not bad yourself"

I got in and waited in the living room.

 "Angie is still getting prepared."

 "She always take forever" i chuckled

"It was my mistake. I bought a bunch of new dresses and made her try them all"

"I'm excited to see her-" I was cut off by her angelic voice

"Hi justin." She waved shyly walking down the stairs. My jaw dropped. She looked stunning. The dress was short and black. It showed her beautiful long legs. She had red lipstick on, which made me think about kissing her right away. "Oh my! Angie, what heaven did you fall from?"

 "What a cheesy pickup line" she giggled. I stood up and hugged her.

"Milez, where is your boyfriend-" she was cut off by the sound of the bell ringing.

Angie's POV:

"That's him!" Miley said. She glanced at the mirror, and fixed her hair.

"Perfect" she muttered and I burst into laughter. However, justin had some sort of a straight face.

"Yo dude? You spacing out?"

"Oh uh, yes. Come here baby" he pulled me to his lap. He kissed my neck gently. Few moments later, miley got in with a tall guy by her side. He was cute, and his hair was flawless.

"This is steve. This is angie and this is her boyfriend justin"

 "Nice to meet you" he smiled and i smiled back "you too" he turned to miley without even looking at justin.

"Let's go?!" He suggested. 




you have all rights to kill me rn. i didn't update in sooooooooooo long. i'm sorry

.. i keep apologizing everytime and i can't find a solution to write frequently. 

you have no idea how busy i am during the day. and how lazy i am at night.. please stick up with me !

more five chapters and this movella will be over !!

please tell me if you're still reading (much luuuuv)  

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