under the moonlight

"ghada bourguiba", or "angie boo" as my friends call me , a student in an engineers college, what is happening in my life is litteraly unbelievable.
i never expected my life to go in this path. never.


10. shopping


I felt something pulling my hair, aie that hurts.. I opened my eyes and it was jaxon.. “aie aie, jaxon what are you doing?”   “waking you up! Justin left early and he is not here !”  “ah.. sorry , I will call him okay?”   “jazzy called him, a-and h-he don’t reply”   “don’t worry buddy”    l stood up, took my phone and ran downstairs. Jazzy was sitting on the sofa really worried.. why don’t I check my phone, maybe he left a text for me.. exactly..

From: hero

Hey boo, tell my little buddies not to freak out, I’m out to meet a friend. Let me know when you’re going with jazz shopping, please take jax with you. I’ve got a surprise for you tonight. Stay safe bye


“hey, he left a message for me, so stop freaking out. He went to visit a friend he asked us to take jaxon shopping with us… he’ll be back later”  I informed them with a comforting voice “really?”  jazzy said still not convinced “yep, and I have a pretty good plan for today. We’ll have breakfast at starbucks, go shopping, then eat ice cream at, uhmm, farrell’s ice cream?”   “they both looked at me like if I was an idiot “really?”     “sure, you’re like my brother and sister now!”  they both jumped up and down. “we better get dressed up now”  then it hit me again that I had no clothes, well I do have yesterday’s outfit..   “hey guys , after starbucks we’ll go to my house so I can change my clothes okay?”  they both nodded , I walked over justin’s room and put my clothes on and went to jazzy’s room , I knocked on her door and she let me in “hey jaz do you have make up?”  “shh I don’t want jaxon to hear you, he will tell justin.. yes I do but I put it secretly because justin doesn’t let me put make up on.. he thinks I’m young”  “he’s over protective then?”  “you have no idea”   “don’t worry I won’t tell him. You’re beautiful without make up, so why do you even use it?” I smiled “they say that I’m ugly too.. and they say I should use make up to cover my face..”  “They are just jealous, you know what? I’ve got a good plan to make the bullying stop... and for now don’t put any make up on, I don’t want to get in trouble with your brother”   “okay, here it is anyways if you want to use it”  “thanks”  I walked over justin’s room again, jazzy is really so sweet. I was ready after 10 minutes, oh I forgot about jax, I better check if he’s ready. I walked over his room and opened the door  he was playing with his toys. “come on jax, let me help you wear your clothes” I opened his closet and picked some swaggie clothes, I’ll make him look a bit like his brother. “and we’re done!” he’s hotter than justin already ! ahaha . we’ll make your big bro jealous ..

I called justin and told him that we’re going and he said that I can use one of his cars? Woohoo seriously? how many cars do they have . I asked jaxon to show me the garage …  my jaw instantly dropped. There was three fancy white cars, a range rover, a Ferrari and a Mercedes .. what the heck ?

 “I’m ready” I heard jazzy’s soft voice from behind me.. “hey did justin give you permission to get here?” she asked with a stupid look “of course.. why?”   “because he never let me or jaxon get in this garage by ourselves.”    “ah okay.. well do you know at least where are the keys”  “they’re in the box right there, let’s go on the range rover please!”  I nodded and grabbed the right key we all got in and drove to starbucks. We had a quick breakfast then drove to my & miley’s house.  I got in . and as usual miley is there “damn where have you fucking been , and who are these kids?” she spat  “sorry I fell asleep at justin’s , and these are his little siblings. And watch your language”  “okay sorry.. welcome kids” she waved at them and they waved back. “uhm guys, want to see my room?”  “yes” jaxon jumped and followed me with jazzy after him.  Well my room was actually beautiful , pink walls, celebrities’ posters everywhere, photos of me and my  friends on the walls.. “I’m in love with your room”  “thank you Jazmyn”  I picked a cute outfit and put it on, in the bathroom. “we’re ready to go” 

we went to the nearest mall. I’ve been working the whole month , I also had participated in an acting show and it paid very much. It means I can buy everything me and the kids want. “Jazzy let’s go here” we got in some girls’ clothes store. “Go pick what you want” I went to the other side...  I picked leggings, some cute shirts, a dress, skirts and few shorts. “jazzy come here, show me what you found?”  she showed me the clothes she had chosen, oversized shirts, large pants.. “why all of them are large”  “I feel comfortable in them”    “no !  stop wearing large clothes for few days ! let’s show your bullies your real beauty, c’mon . try these”  she sighed and said “fine” I gave her a pair of short shorts and a white top with ‘cali’ written on it.. I think it’s good for her age


“can I go out?”  “yeaah”  she got out of the dressing room and my mouth dropped.. she looks perfect. And she actually has boobs . We need some new under wears here.  “perfect!”   “yes but I don’t know”  “you don’t know what?”  “forget it”   “you know jazzy? It’s all about confidence whenever you’re confident you won’t care about others’ opinion.. when I used to go to high school.. whenever I walk from the entrance, and there’s people crowded everywhere I start whispering to myself, ‘I’m beautiful, I’m beautiful, I’m beautiful’  so I could ignore others and I could know my real beauty “    “I will try” she hugged me and whispered “thank you so much”   “it’s nothing, and now you have to try these” I gave her a flowers skirt and a grey top ..


“hey jaxon do you want me to buy something for you?”  “yes I want a spider-man suit”  “we’ll get it later” jazzy got out of the dressing room again . “that’s perfect..”   she kept trying other outfits then i bought them all. Then I got the spider-man suit for jax . we got in Victoria secret to buy new under wears for me and her. Jazzy actually had a body to die for. She’s almost 14 and she has boobs, she’s skinny, she has long legs… anyways, after the shopping we ate ice cream as I have promised them then we drove to their house. Luckily justin was home because jazmyn didn’t bring the keys with her..

angie I’m so thankful that you made my little angels happy”  he said with opened arms offering to hug him, so I did.. “don’t thank me again, they’re my own siblings now!”  he kissed the top of my head and invited me to sit on his lap, but no, I sat next to him.. “are you guys going to show me what have you bought”   “yess” the kids shouted.  Jazzy took her bags and showed him her new outfits “well you girls have a good taste”   “of course we do haha”   jazzy brought the Victoria secret bag . she looked at it and blushed. Luckily she didn’t open it , that would be embarrassing for both of us .. “you guys bought Victoria secret stuff?” angie don’t blush and act cool      “do you mind?”   “no, and… are you blushing?” I looked at him then looked at my lap again. He wrapped an arm around me and pulled me closer, if that was even possible, and he whispered “hey don’t blush because I’ll see them one day or another, and you will look sexy in them, I’m sure”  I slapped his hand “heyy your brother and sister are here!”   “okay okay” he pulled his hands up in surrender…

I care about him, I worry when he’s far from me, I kiss him with all the passion I have, I feel safe when I’m with him… I just can’t stay away from him for a long time it makes me feel sick and dizzy… it mean just one thing… I have feelings for him.. I-I love him…





thank you so so so much for reading my fanfiction, sorry for this boring chapter, the next chapter is going to be cute and without trouble ... but that won't last too long.. not in vampires life at least :') keep reading to know more..


love you <3

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