under the moonlight

"ghada bourguiba", or "angie boo" as my friends call me , a student in an engineers college, what is happening in my life is litteraly unbelievable.
i never expected my life to go in this path. never.


1. religious family

"angie! angie! wake up! " i ignored whoever's voice, that was interrupting my dream "angie!!! i said come here!" god damn it! it's miley..

"damn miley , why do you always have to interrupt my dreams ?" 

"just come here , i need your help!"

"coming!" she will probably ask me what to wear for wherever she's going to.. miley is everything to me , she's my best friend , my classmate ,and we’re sharing the same house .. she was the first friend i've made when i moved here , in california..

i used to live in tunisia with a religious and strict family, but i moved here after graduating from high school brilliantly.

She called me ‘angel’ and then it became ‘angie’ which are not my true names, my name was hard for her to pronounce when I first met her on the first day at college.. yes , my name seemed to be a hell of a weird name for the Americans “ghada bourguiba”, no one calls me with my name , even the teachers ,they all know me as ‘angie boo’ . you may wonder why angie ? well she thought that I had an angelic baby face so she called me angie which sounds like angel , anyways I used to- “angie what took you so long ? for god's sake hurry up” sorry guys I’ll tell you my story another time I have to see what cyrus wants from me.

I stepped in her room, “hey what should I wear the red or the blue dress?”  “where to?”  “a luxurious restaurant”  “with the john kid ?”  “duuh, no he was a jerk!, get to the point what do I have to wear “  I looked at both dresses  “the blue one! Are you going out with another boy?”  “yep” 

Typical miley! Everyday there’s a new boy, she’s not a slut , but she’s not a goody-goody too! She’s enjoying her life.. I didn’t break any rule but she broke them all !

She’s the college’s most popular chick, well maybe I’m the second one, I don’t want to be popular, I didn’t even work hard for it .. maybe because I’m different, I mean, they think I have a different beauty..?!

going back to miley, she’s the type that the majority of boys want to themselves, she’s hot , I think I’m not . she’s funny , smart , gorgeous.. just flawless..

“from earth to angie, do you hear me?”

“uh , w-what were you saying?”

“I said come with me”


“the restaurant god damn it!”

“no no , I prefer staying at home and skyping with my mother”

“why do you care a lot about family , I mean you should enjoy your life sometimes , you’re coming either you want or not .. take this”

“what is it” I opened the bag and it was a black dress “too short miley , it’s too short.. my mom will kill me if she sees me”

“that’s it , she’s not here , she can’t see you ! look angie, you have to relax, you’re 19 and you have the right to have fun, here it’s not Tunisia, angie it’s different here ! “

She was always true , I have to enjoy my life I can’t miss the opportunity to meet new people everytime.but uhmm i don't know ..

“but as usual you’ll focus on your new boyfriend…”


“and I’ll stay lonely”

“no you won’t he’s bringing his friend, and you may like him”

 I didn’t say a word, I pressed my lips in a firm line and took the dress then went to my room .


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