under the moonlight

"ghada bourguiba", or "angie boo" as my friends call me , a student in an engineers college, what is happening in my life is litteraly unbelievable.
i never expected my life to go in this path. never.


18. moody day

I walked to the park, and sat on a bench watching kids playing, and couples passing by, I wish we could be normal, I wish we can stay away from trouble for just few days. The morning started perfectly, but he ruined it with telling me about the war, he should’ve waited until tomorrow… I really can’t blame him, he had to tell me so I prepare myself for what’s coming…  I have two choices, accept the fact that we’ll never be a normal couple or, leave.. which will never happen ‘cause without him, I may survive, but certainly cannot live.

The wind blew, which made me shiver so I tightened my vest against my body to keep myself warm. I had to clear my mind and be normal again for few hours..

I got to go back home and apologize.. I shouldn’t have said that it was because of him that I was suffering … I accepted to stay with him despite everything which means I have no right to blame him! He is always trying to make me happy, to make me feel that we’re normal… I should stop acting like a whore and accept the life I’m getting!


I stood up and decided to go back home after the long hours of thinking.

I knocked on the door and waited. After few minutes jazzy opened the door.

“can I come in?” I asked

“of course” she smiled

“is justin here?” I asked while taking off my vest

“yes, he didn’t leave his room at all”

“uhm, and what about miley, did she leave?”

“yes, she went back to her house with Jacob”

“okay, thanks” I smiled then hopped upstairs to justin’s bedroom. I knocked on it

“JESUS !  jazzy how many times do I have to tell you to leave me alone”

“open it jay” I said softly

And in a second the door was opened revealing a crashed justin. “babe?” he whispered and pulled me for a tight hug. I pulled away and cupped his face, he was crying!

“but in movies vampires don’t cry!”  I joked which made him smile.

Then I spoke up again without letting go of his face “I’m sorry justin, I’ve never meant to hurt you, i-I am really sorry, and I love you so much .. please don’t be mad at me”

He smiled then hugged me again.

“I’m not mad at you! I’m mad at myself”

“don’t be! I’m happy and this is what matters, right?”

He nodded, I took his hand and led him downstairs and he looked at me confusedly

“where are we going?” he asked

“watch the sunset!” I stated

We got out of the house and got in the car, i was the driver this time

“it’s the first time you’re going to drive when I’m with you”

“then you better attach your security belt!”

He laughed and turned on the radio. And perfect two by auburn was on. And justin was singing along. His voice always makes my heart melt.

The thing I liked the most about living in America is that I don’t live too far from the beach, 20 minutes of driving and  we be there.

Few minutes later I stopped in front of a coffee shop to get coffee and milkshake.

I drove to the beach, we both got out of the car. I grabbed a blanket from the trunk. Justin was holding our drinks, we walked the closest possible to the water and put the blanket down and sat on it.

“you’re tired of our abnormal relation aren’t  you?” he spoke up

I looked at the sky and thought.

“justin..” I took his hand in mine “I don’t care anymore, I accepted to be with you despite everything.”

“but you wish you could have a normal relation..?”

“yes, I wish we can hang out all the time without being afraid of anything. But as long as having our untypical relation is the only way to be your girl, I’m fine with it..”  I stopped and squeezed his hand with my left hand and put my other hand on his cheek  “I also know that you’ll do everything possible to keep me safe..”  I looked deep in his gorgeous eyes “I love you” I whispered, while leaning to kiss his wet lips. “I love you too” he whispered before connecting our lips together. After a while we pulled away out of breath. We looked at the sky and the sun was setting down, it looked like it was falling in the sea.. we watched the sunset as we intertwined our fingers together.. after a while it was getting dark.

“let’s leave, it’s getting late” I said

“yes, but we won’t go home” he stated

“then where are we going?”

“surprise babe” he winked and I actually could understand what was he up to..

“go drive, I’m tired.. plus I got to call my mother.. I haven’t called her for a long while”

“okay babe”  he pecked my lips before getting up and taking the blanket and the trash of the drinks we’ve bought..


“hey mom”

“hey ghada! How are you?”

“I’m great mom, how are you all?” I asked

“we’re fine, don’t worry about us.. what are you doing?” she said

“I’m on my way back home..”

“okay take care little baby”

“hehe, oaky.. by the way mom, I have few things to tell you about”

“you have a boyfriend?” she asked like if she knew the answer

“uhm, well uhh. Yes, how did you know?”

“I’m your mom ghada, I can guess.. tell me about him, what’s his name? how old is he? How does he treat you?”

“okay his name is justin drew bieber, he’s 20 , he’s treating me like a princess” I looked at justin while I was describing him, he looked at me confused..

“oh, that’s awesome, can’t wait to talk to him.. say hi to him when you’re going to see him”

“okay, I’ll tell him whenever I’m going to see him again. I have to go mom.. I’ll call you back tomorrow, I have few things to do first”

“bye sweetheart, we all love you ! make us proud!”

Then I hang up.

“okay, I’ll tell him whenever I’m going to see him again” justin said with a high pitched tone

“hehe, what? Did you expect me to tell her that you’re with me? It’s almost 8pm! She’ll be suspicious !”     

“it’s fine! But you’re not going to hide it forever, one day she’ll know”

“one day.. when it is going to be the right time.. anyways, where are you taking us?”

“shht! Just few minutes babe”




i'm so so so so sorry, i have like tons of exams these last weeks that's why i couldn't update !  thanks for the support ... and it would be amazing if you guys share your ideas with me..


i'm out of ideas :( 


love youuu

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