under the moonlight

"ghada bourguiba", or "angie boo" as my friends call me , a student in an engineers college, what is happening in my life is litteraly unbelievable.
i never expected my life to go in this path. never.


14. lucky

“Jacob what are you doing here?” I heard justin’s voice 

“I was worried bro!”  Jacob said

  “I’m fine”

“are you here alone?”

“yes, why?”

“uhm nothing, okay bye”

“bye”  then the door closed

I went up the few stairs, sat on the bed

“so?”  I asked

“we must leave”  he turned to me, his skin was white and eyes were read.

I stood up not wanting to say another word, I grabbed my phone and put it in my pocket and walked over to justin. He took my hand and in a second we started moving like flashlights. He finally stopped. I felt my head spinning. I closed my eyes to get my vision straight again then I looked around me. we were on the top of a hill. The view was amazing.  “what now?”  i whispered   “I don’t know.. we should calm the situation. We can’t show up today.”   I nodded my head he wrapped his arm around me and I buried my head in his neck. He always makes me feel safe.




I felt a soft kiss on my lips and this is what actually made me wake up. I looked around me, we were still on the same hill. Justin wrapping his body around me.. weird! I thought that vampires’ bodies are so cold not so warm.. movies only tell lies. Anyways, I stood up and removed the dust off my clothes “slept well babe?”  he said chuckling  “oh yes perfect” I said with sarcasm  “let’s go to starbucks”   he suggested    “yepp”   he took my hand and we jumped as fast as flashlights to get on the bottom of the hill. Then we stopped a taxi and went to starbucks.

We stayed the whole day at home, his siblings came from school and we all watched a movie.


I woke up next morning, with justin’s arms wrapped around my waist. I wanted to get up but he tightened his hands around me “mhmm don’t go”   he whispered with his sexy morning voice. I turned around quickly so I was facing him. I kissed his lips so his eyes opened. “why did you wake me up”

 “I have to study, I’ve missed a lot of lessons already” 

  “5 minutes more please” 

  “okay”  I turned around again so my back was facing him now.  He wrapped his arms around my stomach, then he ran his hand all over it under my shirt, and went up until he touched my bras, then my chest, then my neck. It felt very good. Then he went down to my legs. And rubbed and massaged them. i moaned slightly. Then justin’s lips pressed to the back of my neck. Lifted up my shorts so a bigger part of my legs appeared. He ran his finger on my thighs which made me moan a little louder. This is one of my weakness points!  I felt him smirking against my skin.he turned me around so I was facing him again. He kissed me and said with his sexy morning voice “your body is a wonderland“ I blushed and covered my face in his chest. He tightened his arms around me. Pulled me closer if that was even possible ran his hands under my shirt again, kissed my neck and whispered again “how do you do this to me?” he asked 

“do what?” I said confused

“this”  he pointed down, and he had a crotch. I blushed even more.  “even selena couldn’t turn me on that much whenever she try to, and you affect me more without even trying!”  I giggled and kissed him passionately. And he instantly kissed back. We turned around so he was on top of me.

“this time I’m not asking for your permission” he said breathlessly and kissed me again. He undressed me and you all know what happened next.




We both laid down breathless

“that was amazing” justin whispered

“magical”  I said. I looked at the clock and it was  9:40  am . which mean 20 minutes before school starts “oh fuck” I jumped of bed and ran to the bathroom. I took a quick shower, wore my clothes and ran downstairs. Ate an apple and yelled  “JUSTIIIIN!! HURRY UP”   in two seconds he appeared,  I gave him an apple and we got out of the house. He took me to my college. He stopped in the parking lot, got out and walked with me to the entrance. “aren’t you going to your college too?”

“no, we have a week off”


“I know! Stay safe okay? And whenever you need me call me, I won’t be too far from here.” He hugged me tight and kissed me and left. I got in the building, and girls were staring at me. Then Emily, one of my friends ran to me and started freaking out  “Oh my god Oh my god! He’s so hot! What’s his name?  how old is he? Are you too dating? Does he study here?” 

“calm down! He’s my boyfriend so don’t you dare thinking about him, okay?”

“o-okay, sorry”  she said disappointed. And walked away

“angie!”  I heard someone yelling, I turned around and it was miley. I stopped and she ran to me. “where have you been angie yesterday?” 

“it’s me who should ask you that”

“Jacob took me for a date, and when I came back the door handle was broken and there was no one home”

“uhm, I-I saw a, uhm, stealer. Getting in the house so , uhm, I , uhm, called justin for, uhm help”

“nothing was in place! Nothing was stolen”

“it’s because, justin was , uhm, in time”

“okay? Anyways. Why are you walking like a penguin”

I blushed and whispered  “we made love this morning”

“aaaah! I guess he was so  hard”

“yep. And so huge too” I giggled and blushed

Miley laughed then we walked to our electricity lesson  

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