under the moonlight

"ghada bourguiba", or "angie boo" as my friends call me , a student in an engineers college, what is happening in my life is litteraly unbelievable.
i never expected my life to go in this path. never.


3. "i don't have to , but i want to"

“hey..” it was justin’s voice.. “are you mad or something”  why does he even care “no I’m fine”  I faked a smile. All what I need right now is to go back home, lay in my warm bed and watch the new episode of the vampire diaries… but I’m stuck here and I just have to deal with it..

I grabbed my phone and went on instagram , I took a quick selfie and posted it .. I could feel justin’s gaze on me ,  but I just ignored it.. I was rolling in instagram’s home page when my phone vibrated, indicated that I had a new notification . ‘ @justinbieber is now following you’  ‘@justinbieber liked your picture’   I smiled and decided to check his profile out .. he looks really gorgeous in pictures. I felt a tap on my shoulder, and of course it was justin.. he handed me his phone “your phone number?” “oh sure”  I typed my phone number and gave him my own phone so he can pass me his too .

“guys we’re here” I heard Jacob shouting . I looked from the window and it was a huge restaurant. Food is expensive here, doubtless.. 

I was about to open my door, when justin opened it for me “thank you”  “anything for the lady” I can tell that I’m blushing right now. Jacob and miley walked in front of us intertwining their hands together. I walked beside justin , tightening my jacket around me, it was freezing outside. “are you cold?”  “uhm a little bit,but I’m a strong girl so I’ll be fine ”  I chuckled at my statement “not when you catch a cold” he said and wrapped his warm jacket around me. “better?”  “yes thank you, but you really didn’t have to”  “I didn’t have to , but I wanted to “ he winked. “thank you gentle man”  “no problem lady.” We were few meters   away from the entrance. We followed the lovebirds to a two persons table ? WHAT? We’re four not two ..  I walked over miley “are we sitting here? It’s a two persons table.. and we’re four”  “oh , I forgot to tell you, you and justin are sitting together, in a couple table”  “what?” “you heard me”   I swear to god if she’ll say another word I’ll slap her or punch her. I backed off and walked over justin “she has set me up”  “how is that?”   “uh , nothing ..forget it”  he just nodded. I sat with justin on the same table, we’ve got the menu. “I’ll get the bill”  now , it seems like a real date.. “you don’t have to, I’ve got my money” “I don’t have to but I want to”  he’s a real gentleman . the waiter came to our table . he’s a good looking one, blue eyes , blonde hair , freckles  all over his face. “ehuum” i heard someone coughing, I looked at justin and it was obviously him, pretending the cough. “what?”  “nothing I just saw a girl out there checking out the waiter” this is really embarassing “but , uhmm, I think she doesn’t have to blush” ..

 I just smiled at him and looked at the menu one more time. I don’t really know what to chose, I’ll just have what justin is having. “I’ll have what he’s going t have” the waiter nodded with a smile and left.  “you’re cute when you blush you know that?”  “you’re making me blush even more” I slapped his hand in a gentle friendly way “yeey , that means you’ll become cuter” damn ! can anyone make him stop . please? Don’t get me wrong he’s so sweet and I like him . but ugh .. I just knew him today and we’re behaving like we know each other for ages.. what’s the problem in that? It just means you’re getting on well.. I don’t know it’s just things are going real fast.

Don’t act like a 10 years old girl. Enjoy every moment ! you live once..

okay okay ! I should stop talking to my freaking self ! 

“daydreaming again?”  “oh sorry”  “it’s okay”  “so tell me about yourself? Your family?”  “well I live with my cousin Jacob and my two little siblings, jazmyn and jaxon”  “what about your parents?”  “can we talk about that later please ?”  “s-sure”  I was about to say something when the waiter came with the drink and the food . justin took the bottle of Champaign and filled his cup and was about to fill mine “no no , I don’t drink”  “are you serious?” “yes” “you’re 19 , and you don’t drink ? oh ! why?”  “I don’t want to be addicted “   he burst into laughter “what?”  “trust me, a cup won’t make you addicted! Even if you drink 3 bottles you won’t be addicted as long as you don’t want to. “  “uhmm i- “   “If you don’t want to you don’t have to!”  “I want to “  he poured some of the drink in my cup and I lifted it in the air to my mouth “wait! Let’s do our pledge” he lifted his cup and tapped it to mine “for a second date”  and he smiled

wait , a second date ?   is this even a date?  Apparently miley had set me up for real this time . 

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