under the moonlight

"ghada bourguiba", or "angie boo" as my friends call me , a student in an engineers college, what is happening in my life is litteraly unbelievable.
i never expected my life to go in this path. never.


23. disappointment

“is everybody here?” I asked peter, one of the strongest vampires in my clan. a noble.

“no.. Jacob haven’t appeared yet.. “

“what the hell? Where the hell is he? It’s starting soon.. They’re getting closer..”

“yes, I can sense them too. Apparently they’ve gathered a very big number this time.”

“yes.. I hope we will be fine.. we gathered a very big number too! I’m very optimistic!”

“we better be.. let’s encourage the others!”

I nodded and jumped on a tree and shouted.

“everybody, I want you all to be hopeful. If we apply the plan we’ve made we’ll certainly win the war. Remember what you felt few years ago, when they attacked us and killed our families. We’re here today to avenge them and ensure a peaceful environment for our human friends and for our little siblings! Let’s do our best! Let’s sacrifice what we have! Let’s win it!”

“yeaaaaaaaaaa!!!”  everybody cheered and took their positions, ready for the next order.




“well well well, seems like you guys could get a decent number this time!” Anthony appeared in front of us. He’s not alone. I can sense the others’ presence.

“oh, so unexpected! Justin Bieber, the whore’s son, is the leader” he said sarcastically. I clenched my teeth. He’s trying to make me lose my nerves. Not happening.

“get to the point, sick bastard”

“oh Justin, why do you hate me so much? Is it because I got your dear family member by my side?”

“what do you mean!” I spat

“oh, come on jake, show up!”

And in a second, Jacob appeared standing next to Anthony.

In usual circumstances my jaw would drop and I would start shaking. But, I somehow managed to control my anger and NOT SHOW ANY EMOTION!  

“huh. What a disappointment. However, I’ve been deceived more. So I don’t really care! The loss of one member won’t affect our lines that much, can’t you say so, eh?”

“oh, how naïve can you be Justin?” Anthony said and then looked towards Jacob “what do you say Jacob?”

“quit it pathetic cousin. We know your plan. We know all your moves and traps. We will win” he spoke up, so sure of himself

CALM DOWN JUSTIN  !! CALM DOWN JUSTIN  !! we shouldn’t be the ones starting the war. They know our moves. We were supposed to start it because we had a clear and efficient tactic. But, I guess we will have to improvise this time.

“you wish, Jacob.” I grinned

How to describe my feeling right now: colder than a winter night, tougher than a stone, Darker than black.

I looked at peter, and he nodded his head. Which meant, go on, piss them off, make them start the war, we got a better plan. I lifted my eyebrows indicating that I got the message.

“oh by the way, old man…oh my bad.. I meant Anthony! How is your little daughter?.. I hope she’s fine , so I can go and suck her blood and screw her til death, after winning the war!”

He stayed silent, just glaring. I think I’m hitting a soft spot here.

“ or I might cut her head and decorate my house’s porch with it?..”

“shut up!” he said

“oh, cutting her head would be a waste of fun. I should cut her fingers first, one by one. And suck all her blood. That would be yummy right?”

“I said SHUT UP” he’s going nuts.

“and her hair? Oh what to do with it? I will use it like wool and make a sweatshirt with it!”

“SHUT UP!” he lost his mind and threw his fist in the air trying to hit my face. But I saw this coming so I moved quickly. That was the declaration of  the war. It started.  

A pretty big number of vampires appeared. Getting punched and bitten. I decided to fight the ‘nobles’ , those who have high ranked level, they are stronger than the typical vampires. And because I am a noble too, I can fight them and get their attention which will cause less injuries in our lines…

---- ------ -----

Fists were thrown. Blood  was flown on the ground. Bodies were everywhere.  The death’s scent was sickening.

Only a dozen left from our clan, only three nobles left. against twenty from the other clan, including eight nobles.

It’s Tough, it’s too tough..  





here you go guys. school is over, i'll be writing more! that's a promise. 

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