Escape- a Hunchback of Notre Dame Alternate Ending

What if Esmerelda had found the note in her pocket before refusing Claude Frollo's offer?

Would she take it? What would happen then?


1. Prologue

"Tell me a story, mama!" Zephyr's little blonde head bobbed up and down with excitement.

Esmerelda smiled lovingly at her son. "What would you like to hear?"

He smiled broadly. "Tell me about your pirate days!" he giggled.

Esmerelda shook her head, her dark locks swishing back and forth. "No, child. You aren't ready for that one."

"Aww, mom!"

"Zephyr, listen to your mother." Phoebus' deeper voice met the boy's ears, and he scowled.

"How about I tell you one about something more pleasant- how about my old friend Quasimodo?" Esmerelda offered.

Zephyr smiled. "Okay." He liked hearing about Quasimodo.


After their son was put to bed, Esmerelda and Phoebus sat on the back porch and watched the stars.

"Esmerelda, why did you never tell me you spent time as a pirate?" he asked jokingly. He was startled when Esmerelda replied seriously.

"Because it's a painful story and I don't like to talk about it."

The couple was quiet for a moment. Then, Phoebus cut the silence: "Will you tell me now?"

Esmerelda sighed. Phoebus deserved to know, she supposed. But it was such a painful time, it was hard to think about. And with him being such a wonderful, hardworking husband, she hadn't ever wanted to make him feel like he was a "second option," which isn't at all how it was.


She sighed again, and took a deep breath. "It was years ago. Remember Frollo? Well, it was when he had first taken me as his wife..."

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