Bye For Now

Niall and I just made it clear to the boys that we were in love and going to be a couple my brother Zayn was not happy about this Harry wasn't too fond of the idea either. But he is like a brother to me. What happens when they have to go on a two year tour. Will they leave me or take me???


1. Introduction

Valerie's POV

"Niall and I are a couple" I announced to the boys while Niall was lightly squeezing my hand noticing how nervous I am to announce this especially towards my brother Zayn Malik. He is a bit over protective. Who am I kidding he is Very over protective. "WHAT"?!? screamed Zayn. "Mate, calm down." Liam being the reasonable one spoke to Zayn. "I am not going to calm down, for Christ sake, I told all of you that my sister is off limits and now you decide to ruin everything" he yells pointing to Niall. "Zayn stop, I-I love him" I mumbled. "Valerie you and I both know you not this little leprechaun knows what love is" Zayn argued. "Are you sure because she is already my girlfriend how would you know about love you've never had a real relationship just one-night stands" Niall protested. Zayn was bursting with anger if it were possible he would have steam coming out of his ears and nose. He stormed up to me and slapped me the boys pulled him back while Niall and Harry came to make sure I was okay. "I-I'm fine" i stuttered not really sure if I was okay. Niall ran off towards Zayn the last thing I saw was Niall on top if Zayn punching his face in,

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