My Brothers Best Friend

I'm Valerie Tomlinson...Louis Tomlinsons's Little Sister. Don't get me wrong I love my brother but he can be a little....overprotective. Niall is like a brother to me and his little sister Leah Horan is my best friend. What will my brother and Leah think about Niall and I developing feelings for eachother???


6. Chapter 5

We just got our schedules and we are comparing them. Looks like I have all my classes with Niall woah. I told Daniela, Sara, and Leah they're jaws dropped. "Keep your mouth closed, you'll catch flies." They slowly closed there mouths. Niall and I have first period with Nash, Sara, Daniela and Luke. Second period with Michael, Ashron, Leah, Liam, Angelica, and Little Mix. It's a pretty big class because it is Drama class. I have third with Sara, Hayes, Kelly, Louis and Harry. Fourth period is Lunch I wouldn't necessarily call it a subject but Niall would and then from there on. We all have study hall. Niall and I decided to walk to first period together. "How do you feel about this school year?" Niall asked me. "Actually, I feel like it will be awesome and it's friggin' senior year." "What about you?" I answered. "I'm excited for the fall ball next month I already know who I'm asking!" he said with excitement. My face automatically fell he already had a person to ask and a bunch of boys might ask me but I think I will just go with some friends if I can't go with Niall. "You okay?" Niall asked sounding concerned and snapping me out of my thoughts. "Oh yeah, sorry just thinking." "About?" he asked. "Just school." I said. I don't think he bought it but he said "okay well we are here I heard our teacher for first period which is History Is an ass his name is Mr. Taylor." "Well okay you know I can't talk during history because I already have trouble with it" I said. That was the truth I am a strait A student but History is super hard for me. "Good Luck, Love" He said while pulling me into one of his famous Horan Hugs. "Thanks" I mumbled before entering. I sat with Sara on my left, Niall to my right, Nash in front of me and Daniela behind me.

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