Broken crystals : Looking for home

After 4 years of drinking and becoming more and more depressed Niall decided its time to find his fiancé and daughter. But everything isn't what it used to be...
(Broken crystals is by molbrown NOT ME ... I'm writing a sequel of how i think it will go , i also got permission to write this from the author)


8. chapter 8



I ordered a pint of beer slowly sipping on it. I scrolled through my phone when i was bombed with texts and phone calls then one from my mum. 

Lovely seeing you for that short time ....I'm leaving tonight got the flight mixed up . Hope to see you soon . I still love you xx -Mum 

Shit I completely forgot about me seeing mum today ! 

I quickly text back saying I would be at the hotel in 20 minutes. I grabbed the beer and drank it in 2 goes making my throat burn. I grabbed my phone and left the run down pub. 

After 3 failed attempts of getting a taxi , I finally got one just as it began to rain

"Where to son ?" 

"The hilton" I told him as he drove off. 

12 minutes later I arrived handing him the exact money and running into the hotel. I seen mum sipping a tea in the cafe. I walked into the little cafe and set in front of her making her look up from her paper. "Niall !" she smiled hugging me. 

"I need you help."

"With what ?" She asked sipping her tea.

"Getting Crystal and Cee back " I said picking at the end of the menu staring mum dead in the eye. 

"I'll help , but stop drinking Niall . " She smiled half-hearty

"I only had one !" I told her honestly. 

"But they add on . 1 after another" 

"Please about Crystal. " I begged changing it back to the subject.

"I'll give you her phone number okay ? Then call her and talk to her , even for just seeing Cella for a couple hours" Mum smiled handing me a piece of paper she wrote on.  "And Niall , if she says no, just agree but like ' Yeah thats fine , just think about it ' ok ? And don't drink ok ?" Mum continues

"I won't thanks mum honestly" I smiled hugging her. 

"I'll talk to her as well. I realised what I done wasn't very kind to do on my son.I'm sorry it's just is a bitch sometimes and you need to step back and look at how it turned out. But I know I have a gut feeling Crystal still Love's you." Mum smiled putting her hand on top of mine. 


Crystal's POV

"Thanks so much for minding Cee. I need the extra money so I worked later " I thanked Zayn and Perrie sitting at their kitchen table. 

"No worries its fine, we love having Cee over" Perrie smiled. 

"Cee , its time to go" I called to her as she ran into me and smiled. 

"She already had dinner , and her homework is done" Perrie smiled

"Thank you so much . Bye " I smiled as we left. Cee said bye by hugging both of them and following me out to the car. 

"Me and Brandon where playing with Zayn's playstation" Cee smiled putting her seat belt on. 

We had talked all the way home laughing at each other's day.  

We pulled up in the car space and walked into the complex. "Race to the top ?" Cee asked 

"1 . 2. 3 go" I said running before her.

"No fai- yay I'm winning " She smiled as Jake ran past me with Cee in his arms. 

"No you cheated " I joked laughing at both Jake and Cee's small victory. 

I opened the door walking into my flat. Jake already put on the kettle as I put my jacket away. 

"Cee get dressed into your PJs " I smiled as she ran into her room while I went into the kitchen with Jake already making the tea. 

"How was your day ?" he asked , I replied with a ugh making him laugh. 

We talked about our day while I dipped my biscuit into the tea. 

"Where did I go wrong ?" I asked him out of the blue. 

"What do you mean ?"  

"Zayn and Perrie and the rest of the boys have these perfect lives same with Maura and Greg and denise and im sitting her like ' I can barley afford my rent' " I said closing my eyes , when my phone began to ring , I looked at the caller I.D which had 'unknown' going across my shitty phones screen. I decided to let it ring out before talking to Jake again. 

I checked on Cee who was surprisingly fast asleep in bed. I smiled kissing her on the cheek and turning her light off. I walked back into the living room where Jake was sitting on his phone. 

I sat beside Jake as we went into a deep conversation. "Want a drink ?" I asked going into the kitchen and getting to glasses and wine. 

"Why not" he shrugged as I poured out a decent amount of wine. 

We laughed and joked about the weirdest of things and even slagged what the person on tv was wearing. 

Suddenly midnight came as we were almost finished the bottle of wine and half drunk. "I'm going to go to bed night" I smiled wobbling as I got up until he dragged me back down. 

We stared at each other's eyes when Jake started to move slowly in. I closed my eyes not even thinking and slowly we started to kiss. He let out a small laugh as I kissed back. He moved his arms and lifted me to his waist while I moved my arms around his neck , kissing harder. 


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