Broken crystals : Looking for home

After 4 years of drinking and becoming more and more depressed Niall decided its time to find his fiancé and daughter. But everything isn't what it used to be...
(Broken crystals is by molbrown NOT ME ... I'm writing a sequel of how i think it will go , i also got permission to write this from the author)


7. chapter 7


"Cee eat up , we're going to be late ! " I told Cee who was slowly eating her food. I quickly made her lunch and ran into get ready for work. Wearing the horrible tesco uniform which looked unflattering on everyone. I quickly brushed my teeth and added a bit of makeup to make me seem more alive. "Cella Evens if you don't have your coat and bag on there will be murder !" I warned walking out into the living room. Where luckily she was ready to leave. "C'mon we're late" I told her running to the front door. I put on a hoodie and we quickly exit the flat.

"Can I have a ride ?" Jake asked behind me making me jump as Cee hopping down the stairs. 

"Yeah sure , I need to drop Cee of before she's late" I told him , he nodded and as we rushed to the car. The rain was pouring down making my hair damp. 

I turned the car on after everyone was in and sped of to Cee's School. 


Niall's POV

"This is her school ?" I asked looking at the brick school. 

"Yeah , not the nicest but it's all Crystal can give Cee school wise. " Zayn said as we stared out the window of this car, rain running down the screen. 3 or 4 minutes after the bell rang I seen a blonde get out of her silver punto with a little brown haired girl.

"That's Crystal and Cee !" I said mostly to myself as I stared at Crystal helping Cee across the road. She kneed down to Cee's height telling her something and give her a quick kiss on the forehead as her already wet hair became wetter. I smiled at her being this way because that's what having a kid is like. I was smiling till she drove past with another man beside her as she smiled at him. 

"Who was that man ?" I asked my smile dropping into a frown.

"Eh I think he's names Jake he live's above her. He's one of her best friends." Zayn told me as my head adjusted to the new information. I simply nodded and asked another question

"Can we come back when Cee finish's school ?" Zayn nodded and drove off leaving me staring at the building that my little girl was in. 

"That should be me making her laugh and smile" I said after moments of silence. 

"It still can if you change to the way your were when you guys first met." 

"Does she know I drink ...a lot ?" Zayn looked at me giving me a smyticeic smile and looked straight at the road. 

"Does she still care for me ?" 

"If she does , she is very good at hiding it. Listen mate we'll try get her to let you see Cella but for now i think this is as far as you'll get" Zayn said turning left. 

"Where we going ?" I asked changing the topic. 

" Perrie said I need to get food shopping" He sighed tapping his fingers of the steering wheel. 


Hours later me and Zayn left to watch Cee again. We sat in the same spot when Zayn's Phone rang. 

"Hello...yeah...bring her home by 6 ? ...sure thanks bye" 

"Who was it" I asked 

"I have to bring Cee back to mine , because Crystal is working... and no she doesn't know and Cee won't  know " Zayn said sighing 

"So let me see her" I stated like it was the most obvious thing to do. 

"Niall I don't think I can" 

"You have to she is my daughter." I reminded him getting pissed off. I'm sick of people doing this

"Niall she would kill me -"

"I'm your best friend , who has lost his child and isn't allowed see her and you're thinking about Crystal's feelings ?" I yelled.

"Yes Niall I am ! And its for Cee , she would be so fucking confused if this happens !" 

"Then let me explain it to her !" 

"Niall I can't , listen I'll drive you to Harry's or something first " Zayn said starting the engine. 

"Fuck off , You's are acting as if I'm so child. I'll  walk" I spat getting out of his car and walking off up the road. I need a beer

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