Broken crystals : Looking for home

After 4 years of drinking and becoming more and more depressed Niall decided its time to find his fiancé and daughter. But everything isn't what it used to be...
(Broken crystals is by molbrown NOT ME ... I'm writing a sequel of how i think it will go , i also got permission to write this from the author)


2. chapter 2


CHAPTER 2 ! *The next six chapters are shitty in my opinion but they will get better. Please give the book a chance xox *

"Mummy its my birthday !," Cee screamed jumping on my bed. "It's my birthday" she repeats again. 

"No cee , you birthday is next year." I smiled winding her up.

"No ! its today see." she said rolling the 'e'. 

"Are you sure ?" I questioned 

"Yes mummy its my birthday today the 18th of september" she spoke

"Im kidding ! Happy birthday baby," I laughed pulling her into a hug and kissing her red cheeks

"Can I have my present ?" she begged using puppy dog eyes while treamling her lips. 

"Okay, On one condition" she nodded's letting me continue "you have to get ready for school first. So run in get ready and then I'll give you your big present." I smiled. She ran off to her room , while I stepped out of my bed to grabbed her presents from my closet. 

"I'm ready," she yelled running into my room just as i finished stacking them. "Oh my god ! Mummy I got loads," she smiled ripping the wrapping paper off the presents. She finally unwrapped the first one which held two barbie's. "Thank you mummy" she smiled hugging me. 

"Open your other two presents." I smiled as she quickly let go to open the others. She opened the biggest one , making her face drop in surprise

"It-its the barbie dream house !" she smiled. Finally opening the last one she smiled even more.

"what is it ?" i asked. 

"Its her car ! mummy thank you so much i love you" she smiled running to give me a hug. My heart fluttered when she hugged me. Mostly for I did this , I made her happy without her father who just disappered of the face of earth. 

"you have a choice , have your breakfast or play with your toys ?" I smiled collecting the rubbish. 

"Toys !" she smiled ripping open the box's. I got a pair of sissors from my dresser and helped her open the toys.  "Play with me" she offered finally opening the last of the box's. Just as I was about to answer there was a knock on my door. 

"2 seconds ," i smiled getting up to go to the front door. Opening it I seen a tall man , with brown hair.  "Jake" I smiled hugging him.

"Hey crystal " he smiled hugging back. I invited him in , closing  the Cee came out of my room. 

"Jake , look what I got" she smiled pulling him into my room. I quickly followed them in as she told him useless facts about her new toys while he pretended to be interested.

"Cella , I have a present for you" he smiled opening up a small bag. 

"Cool what is it ?" she smiled taking it from him.

"Cee manors ?" i interrupted leaning on the door frame. 

"Thank you Jake," she corrected herself taking the present. 

"Your welcome" he smiled as she opened it. Her face dropped and she ran and showed me.

"Look mummy she can match my doll house" she smiled showing me another barbie doll with long blonde hair. "It says , I can dye her hair ?" she questioned 

"Yeah it does ! We can play with it after school it almost time to leave. Thank jake and run to brush your teeth I'll do you hair in a minute" I smiled as she thanked Jake and ran to the bathroom across the room. 


"You didn't need to do that " I smiled sitting on my bed.

"Do what ? Give her a present ? It's fine., " he smiled standing up and going to the doorway "Do you want me to give cella a ride to school ?" he asked 

"Please , i'm not even dressed yet and tomorrow i have to sort the party and get supplies collect the cake. So yes I would really appreciate it " I politely smiled 

"Anything for a beautiful women" he winked 

"Gross" I joked , while he stuck out his tongue "So mature for a 27 year old" I laughed as Cee came back into my room. "Cee , do you mind if jake drives you to school ?" I asked

"no , then i can tell him about my party tomorrow " she smiled handing me the hairbrush. 

"Oh really, Jake wont you enjoy that !," I said brushing Cee's hair. "Grab an apple out of the fridge ! oh and your lunch," i remembered running into the kitchen and grabbing her lunch from the fridge. "Bye mummy" she said hugging me quickly saying thank you.


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