Broken crystals : Looking for home

After 4 years of drinking and becoming more and more depressed Niall decided its time to find his fiancé and daughter. But everything isn't what it used to be...
(Broken crystals is by molbrown NOT ME ... I'm writing a sequel of how i think it will go , i also got permission to write this from the author)


10. chapter 10


"Get over her." 

Get over her ? How the hell can I get over her.

"It's been 4 years Niall , maybe get back into the game ?" Harry softly suggeset 

"No , that will ruin it even more" 

"There isn't anything you can make worse ! You punched her boyfriend in the nose. She moved on you move on !" Harry almost yelled. I choose to ignore him if I started a row then I would have no ride home. 


Crystal's POV

"What the hell happened you ?" I almost yelled looking at Jakes bloody face. 

"I was in a fight." 

"With who ?," I asked sitting up and looking at his wounded face. 

"N-no one," He told me standing up. 

"What time is it ?" I asked changing the subject .

"1:30" he replied. 

"I'm going to go and get Cee , I'm going to walk coming with ?" I asked grabbing my jacket. 

"Sorry to interrupt on you're happy mood but are you not still mad at me ?," Jake asked following me to the hall door. 

"No , it was a drunken mistake, you're one of my best friends I can't stop being your friend over a stupid kiss." 

"Yeah stupid" Jake muttered sounding disappointed with my words. 

"Jake , I know this will sound stupid but do you you like me ? " I asked stopping looking him dead in the eye. 

"Hey look its time to go come on last one to the bottom loses." He said changing the subject. 

"Jake ! Please just tell me, " I begged grabbing his arm. We both stared at each other dead in the eye , moments ticking by. We were so close I could feel is breath on my skin. 

"Look at the time" He said quickly turning to the stairs I rolled my eyes and followed him down the stairs. 


We eventually arrived at the school with 3 or 4 minutes to spare before the bell rang. We sat on the wall when the rain began. "The one time I walk to Cee's school" I laughed pulling up my hood.

 "Hey it's England. So anyway about the question you asked earlier...I will tell you if you go out on a date tonight " He smirked holding the top of my hand. 

"A friendly date ?" I asked, He nodded quickly and smiled "Then I would love to" I smiled my cheeks going red.  



Really short chapter  because i have a headache and im only back from a holiday and no one but one person asked for an update :( which i gave her one so you welcome :) xox 

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