good girls can change

Roxy elaxandro is a good girl always has been never will be she finaly got fed up of being a good girl and getting bullied so she droped out of school changed her name to Chloe alberson changed her look and personality after a 1 month she joined school as chloe bad girl then the five boys niall louis harry liam and zayn started being harry a flirt who will chloe choose? will she choose? will she deal with it? will she get fed up? read to find out yea


1. good girl

roxy's POV

I dressed up in a white t-shirt ,grey cardigan,black,skirt,and black shoes I left to go to school i walked past stephany [the school slut] she tripped me up causing me to fall to the ground now i know how brandy jeff feels like back in 1962. All she done was laugh evily i hate being  bullied by stephany I walked into english and sat down int a crusty brown metal seat "Chloe" said miss hoover to

"Yes miss?" i replied

"what was the soldiers first AND last name who killed John william back in 1899?"

"How am i suppose to know just because im a good girl doesn't mean i studied i couldn't because YOU gave me double the homework BECAUSE im a goody goody i hade it i quite this school im fed up!!!" i said storming out of the school going home.

*the next day*

I'm 18 so out of christmas money,birthhday money,easter money,valentine money and thanks giving i have £121000 SO yeah A LOT.





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