Trust me

Alex has been treated badly her whole life by all the people around her, even her parents. Something in her life is about to change when a new student comes into her life. Will she let him into her life or will she just block him out like she does to everyone.


3. Chapter 3

The bell rang. Oh no. No, no, no, no. why, why does the universe hate me?
Why out of all the people in the class does it have to be me? Why?

I swiftly got out of my seat, threw the books into my bag and rushed out the door trying not to be noticed. "Hey" I heard a faint voice calling. The hallway was already packed with people. Their sweaty bodies rubbing of each other as they try to pass through. Gross. "Hey" I heard the same voice again and this time I felt a hand grabbing my wrist. Please let it be that the have the wrong person. Please. "Hey, it's Alex right?" Really god? It was James and he had a goofy smile on his face.

I gave him an unamused look and he started scratch the back of his neck and looked down. "Um, that teacher said that you'll show me around" he said uncomfortably. By now the hall way was empty since everyone had gone to class. "Ok" I breathed out.

"Um, so hey people told me that you don't talk to anyone or have any friends. can I ask why?" he said as if it was nothing. "You talk to much, you know that right?" I answered back. "Wow, so that's what your voice sounds like" he said surprised. I tried to give him my best death stare but he just started to chuckle when I did. Wow he is the first person that isn't creeped out by me.

"And that's the science labs, that's it the whole school. Bye" once I said that I started to speed down the hallway. I heard him sigh and then say "thanks" annoyance clear in his voice. I didn't take much notice of it or him, why should I it's not like we're friends or anything.

When I finally made it to the door of the class I was suppose to be in, the bell rang signalling that class was over. Great I just missed a maths class. Ugh today just isn't my day. Suddenly students came pouring out of different classes from all different directs. When everyone was finally out of my way, I was about to go and explain to the teacher why I wasn't in class but she just gave me a nod as if I already told her were I was. I walked out of the classroom and started making my way down the hall. Finally my favourite subject of the day. Lunch.

I made my way down to the old oak tree at the back of the school. I like it there. It's always quiet there, no one comes here and I also like the colours of the leaves in September. I think it's the most peaceful place in the whole school.

I sat down on the dry grass with my back against the bark of the tree. The mild wind softly blowing my hair. I took out my phone plugged my earphones in and played some slow songs. I took out an apple from my bag along with current novel I was reading. I wiped the apple a couple of times before taking a massive bite out of it. It was so juicy it made my mouth water once I swallowed the piece I had in my mouth.

I was really into it when I felt a tap on my shoulder but I just ignored it. Then there was another tap on my shoulder this time I flinched, placed my book down and took out one of my earphones while my other hand was holding the half eaten apple. I slowly turned my head only to see who was behind me. James. "Hey can I sit?"

Ï dont know, can you?" I replied with slight annoyance in my voice. 

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