Trust me

Alex has been treated badly her whole life by all the people around her, even her parents. Something in her life is about to change when a new student comes into her life. Will she let him into her life or will she just block him out like she does to everyone.


2. chapter 2

First class, geography on a Monday morning you're joking right. Its not that I don't like the subject, but come on its a Monday. It's like they all hate us in this school. I got my books out of my locker and started making my way down the halls to my first class.

Thank god that the teachers don't change their classrooms every year. As I walked into the classroom, I took a seat in the second row in around the middle. I like sitting there 'cause I can see the board clearly but whenever I'm bored I can look out the window. I took out my books, placed them on the desk and took out my phone. Since I was that there was another 15 minuets until class started, I decided to read 'till class started.

Ms. Owens came into the class just as the bell rang. I put my book away back into my bag. "Ok everybody, welcome back, since its the first class after the holidays you all can chat amongst yourselves" she told us. Looks like we won't be learning anything. I take out my novel once again and open it on the page I left before the teacher came in. A few minuets later the door of the class opens but I don't pay any attention to who comes, its probably some who's just late. There was a quiet silence, but I tried to pay no remarks to it. I just stared at the page and tried to carry on reading.

'He stare into my eyes....' were the first words I read when a voice distracted me from the book once again . "Oh, looks like we have a new student" Ms. Owens said surprised. "A new boy toy" I heard someone whisper behind me. I turned my head and looked over my shoulder I saw, Emily, the schools biggest slut whispering and giggling with one of the girls from her posy. I shook my head in disapproval but she didn't see me. Emily would jump from boy to boy. She always got what she wanted accept when it came to me. She tried to bully me when I first got here, but let's just say that her ways were unsuccessful.

"Um, hello my name is James" the guy said. He had an accent, British, I thought. he was about 6"1. Blondish, brownish hair and hazel eyes. He was muscular but not too much. He looked like an average 17 year old, but also had some kind of look that told me that he wasn't.

"Well, nice to meet you James" Ms. Owens continued "take a seat anywhere you want, and after class Alex will show you around". My eyes widened when she said my name. Why, why does have to be my? Oh god now he's staring at me. I didn't know what do to so I just shook my head as a reply. Oh god now I will have to talk to him.

James, or what ever his name was, walked up and stood beside me. "Hi" was all he said, but I didn't reply and just went back to reading. Out of the corner of my eye I saw him take a seat beside me. Really he was going to sit beside meCan this day get any better? Note the sarcasm.

Everyone started chatting again and practically everyone started talking to James. Well I know someone who will become popular. Every once in a while when looked up from my book and looked over to my side to look out the window I always caught him looking at me, James I mean. It felt weird. Someone you don't even know staring at you.

I looked up once again and saw that he wasn't looking at my anymore. I gazed out the window and saw that it had started to drizzle. I hoped that I would stop soon so that I could go out to the tree at lunch. I let out a sigh and looked down at my book again. Just as was about to start reading again, the bell rang. Great now with all the distractions I have to wait until break to fine out what Anne did next. Then I remembered what the teacher said when that James guy came in. I had to show him around

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