I Would Die For You

Grace Eva Jones, a typical girl who is dating Harry Edward Styles. He takes her everywhere and they are the cutest couple of all times.....as fans say. When something bad happens to Grace on a concert night, Harry has to find her. What will happen to Harry when he tries to save Grace? "Grace.....I.... would die....for you." Harry said as he tried to speak quicker.


6. Grace's sister

(Liam's POV)

Alana is so beautiful, she reminds me a lot of Grace. Maybe someday I can propose to her, IN THE FUTURE. Right now we are just going to take things slowly. I want to take her on a drive and then have a surprise picnic in the woods or in the country side. I wonder if she will like that? I hope so.


(Alana's POV)

Sorry I haven't introduced much of myself. I am Alana Renee Jones and I am 18 years old. Me and Grace have a younger half sister, Allie. Allie is 12 years old, much younger than me and Grace. You should have seen our little sister's face when she founded out that Grace was dating Harry and recently me and Liam. Her face was priceless.


Liam and me are officially boyfriend and girlfriend. It feels weird but amazing when I say that. He is taking me on a date tonight, I wonder where? I am the person in my family that keeps our family together. My stepdad, Logan, is really awesome. He let's me and Grace's biological dad, Adam, come over for supper a lot of the time. Mom and dad are still really good friends.


Me and Grace have always been close to each other. I was actually the first one to know about Harry and the others about things. She trusts me with every secret that she has. That's how close we truly are. Well, I got to go. I have to get ready for my date with Liam James Payne!

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