Leave your fears behind

Kaytlyn is just a sixteen year old girl, with deep fears with friendship and love. But she secretly does not know what she feels for Harry Styles, her best friend. They go on adventures, and meet new people, but everything changes when Harry Styles starts dating a girl they met at a adventure and since then, everything changes.


2. The date

Chapter Two: The Date

Harry Styles P.O.V-

I'm shy but also in a way any guy would be. Excited to take a girl out for dinner, but I wouldn't exactly call this night a 'dinner date'.

Kaytlyn looked beautiful in a delicate friendly way, how exactly could someone call her tonight ugly in that blue dress? Or acctualy, she lookes always nice. My best bud Louis has his girlfriend, Eleanor and she loves designer clothing, and painting her nails. I didn't get to know so much about Kaytlyn yet.

As we get to the Village the owner of the restaurant knows my name. Full name. As we are arriving at to get our seats, all we can hear is:

"Good evening Mr and Mrs Styles! may I take you to your reservations?" The man asks.

" Reservations?" Kaytlyn asked.

"We're just friends." I said.

"Of course reservations, did you want to get here and have no place for us?" I said while looking at her and wondering in a face expression why didn't she also agree we are just friends.

"The last time I went on a date, the guy didn't even care if they needed reservations. So he took me to burger king, and I was wearing fancy clothing." Kaytlyn said.

"This is not exactly a date Mrs.Lander." I said.

"Then I hope an explanation for this 'night out'." she said.

As we got to our tables waiters brought the best wine of the house. I guess it's a gift. Well I hope it is..

"Would you like to see the menu or do you both prefer the chefs choice?" Asked the waiter.

I looked at Kaytlyn, but she just stared at me and I guess she was waiting for my answer.

"Chefs choice." I said.

"Wonderful." said the waiter.

As our food got to the table, we recieved a vegtable palmito risotto. It looked delicious.

"So.. Harry," said Kaytlyn.

"I guess you're wondering why you are here sitting at the dinner table with me, at a fancy Holand restaurant 'Village' and talking to me like I had time to call you." I said siriously but also scared for the answer i'll get.

"No."she said

"I'm acttualy glad you asked me out for a dinner night." she said.

"Really?" I asked

"Really."she affirmed.

"So Mr.Styles, what do you need to talk about?" she asked.

"About my plans, and I am inviting you." I said.

Kaytlyn's P.O.V-

I was just sitting there looking at Harry wondering what plans he wanted to do with me. Maybe camp? Go to California? Even though we live in New York City.

"What plans?" I asked

"How about we go on an adventure this summer?" He said.

"Well.. I'm not sure." I said. I was kinda scared going on an adventure with Harry Styles. The day we became friends, about 4 years ago, I met him on the school's team of Track & Field. We met because we were running and he pushed me to apparently get me out of his way. So.. I broke my arm, and he came to appolagize. So yeah. That is how I met Harry Styles, and since then, we are friends. Best friends.

" Why not?" he asked.

"Oh don't ask me that." I said

"You are comming." He said.

"Don't make me regret this Harry." I told him.

"I promise you." he promised.

promise.. promise.. promise.. I thought. I better not get disapointed.

"Promised." I said as we cheered our wines.

"We leave in 2 weeks to Paris." he said.

"What!? Paris!?" I said

"Of course. It's a real adventure Kaytlyn." He said.

How could I tell my parents this.

As Harry asked for the check my phone buzzed a text message.

'10% of battery'.

I hated these warnings.

"Let's go?" Harry asked.

I got up and we went to the car.

"This will be fun Kaytlyn Lander." he said.

I stayed quiet even though I was dying to say something.

We got to my home and out of the car. Harry came to open the door for me, and after that we were talking for a while.

"Thank you for the wonderful dinner Mr.Styles." I said.

"You don't need to thank me Mrs.Lander." he said.

"Why not?" I asked.

"Because, I owned you a dinner night. I didn't call you." He explained.

"Don't be silly Harry. I loved having dinner with you anyways, it was fun." I said.

He kept staring at me for about five seconds and after looked down with a little laugh.

"What is it?" I asked.

"You are such a nice person you know. So polite and sweet." he said.

"Harry," I said.

"What? it's true! what can I say?" he said.

"It's 11:58 Harry." I said

He gave me a hug and I hugged him back.

"Good bye Kaytlyn." he said.

I just waved back.

As I got home my mother was sitting on the couch waiting for me.

"Hi hunny, how was the dinner night?" she asked as she got up to hug me.

"It was fine mom." I said.

I wasn't really ready telling my parents about what we were talking about. I'm scared what they will think and not letting me go to Paris.

"Anything special to tell me?" she asked.

"No." I answered.

"Are you sure you don't want to tell me anything?" she asked me again.

"Yes mom! Where is dad?" I said starting to get irritated and looking at the floor.

"Asleep." she answered.

I need to tell them soon. Maybe tomorrow. When my dad is here too.

"I'm going upstairs." I said.

My mother comes and kissis my forhead and whispers into my ear.

"You can tell me anything. I'm your mother." she whispered.

I just looked at her and I went upstairs.

I sat infornt of the desk and looked into the mirror and started to remove all my makeup. After that I started to take a shower.

I got ready to go sleep and I just was thinking on how to tell my parents the big news.

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