Leave your fears behind

Kaytlyn is just a sixteen year old girl, with deep fears with friendship and love. But she secretly does not know what she feels for Harry Styles, her best friend. They go on adventures, and meet new people, but everything changes when Harry Styles starts dating a girl they met at a adventure and since then, everything changes.


3. The big news

Chapter Three: The big news

Kaytlyn's P.O.V

I woke up at about 10:46am the next morning. I just did as always. I stayed there on my phone, browsing my instagram and twitter. The bad thing about summer, is that all my friends are never here! most of them went back to there own countries. Most of my friends aren't Amaricans. What am I saying about 'most'? I have two friends. That don't even live in New York City.

I got out of bed and I put my long brown hair in a ponytale. I went to the bathroom and washed my face, right after brushed my teeth.

I was still thinking in how could I tell my parents about the news. Going to Amsterdam.

Just before I was going down stairs I recieved a text message from Harry Styles.

"Good morning sleeping beauty."He texted.

I was not even thinking on how to answer. I just needed to tell my parents the news.

"I'm telling my parents about the trip today Harry." I texted back.

He was taking a pretty long time to answer back.

"Wonderful news, and just for a bonus, flight tickets, hotel, food, is all payed already. So don't worry about it." He texted back after 4minutes.

"Oh my gosh Harry!" I texted

"You won't be regret for this."He texted.

"You promised."I wrote back.

"Promised."He wrote back as well.

After I or he didn't write anything to eachother.

I was going downstairs and I saw breakfast on the table, with my parents there too.

"Good morning sunshine." said my father.

My father and I have always got along since I was a little girl. Now I'm sixteen. I think he will have to realize that I'm not a little girl anymore.

"Good morning." I answered as I sat down.

"How was dinner last night with that.. Harry guy?"he asked.

I hated the way how he said ' with that Harry guy.' I found it offensive.

"Um.. dinner with Harry was great." I answered.

"Any news darling?" asked my mother.

I don't know how to say it. I'm so scared. Let me just get this out of my way.

"Yeah." I answered.

"Great." said my parents.

"I'm leaving for Paris with Harry Styles in two weeks." I said rushing my self and smashing my feet one against the other under the table.

"Excuse me?" asked my dad.

"Hunny, I don't know how that's gonna happen." said my mother.

"Why not? Harry's dad is paying everything." I said.

"Oh really?" said my dad.

My mother looked at my dad in a way as a ' yes '. I think there will be good news.

"This is a big decision." said my mother.

"Shes right hunny. This can't be decided right now." said my dad.

I understood that they have to think about it. It really is a big decision.

"Excuse me." I said as took myself upstairs.

I texted Harry right back.

" I think it might be good news. But they have to think about it." I texted.

About 2 minutes later he texted back.

"Okay. But beware this ' think about it'." He texted.

"Yeah." I wrote back.

Why would I have to beware what is happening? I wouldn't even care if I didn't go. Yeah, I wouldn't. I think..

In that afternoon I was on youtube. Until I herd my mother call me from downstairs.

"Kaytlyn! come, we got you an answer." she said.

My heart droped.

I came downstairs and sat beside my dad on the couch.

"We were thinking about it." said my dad.

"And.?" I answered.

"You're going to Paris!" exclaimed my mother.

They both looked at me. I didn't answer.

"If you don't want to go," optioned my dad.

"No. I'll go." I said.

"My little girl is all grown up!" exclaimed my mother as she came to hug me.

"Well, go tell him!" exclaimed my dad.

"Thanks guys." I said.

"We love you hunny." said my mother as I ran upstairs.

I quickly grabbed my phone and called Harry Styles.

"Hello?" He said while answering the phone.

"Harry? so what time is our flight?" I said happily and also for a way to make the situation exciting.

"Oh my god Kayt! thank you so much for comming with me!" he said.

I smiled over the phone.

"See you in two weeks?" I asked.

"Why not before."he said.

At night I decided to go to mall and buy a new travelling bad. The one I have at home is horrible. My mother will make me use my grandmas if I don't want to use mine.

While I'm walking in the mall, I see these girls who look like brats. I know that because they are stating at me and laughing, with a dog in one of the girls hands.

I see one come up to me.

"Hello." Says the girl with a fake smile.

"Do I know?" I asked.

The girl looked behind with a annoyed look.

"Um, my friend just wants to tell you that your pants fit horrable for you. Since you're at the mall, you should buy some hunny." she said and after walked away.

"Like I care for your stupid opinion." I said as the girl walked away.

"Well you should!" said the girl laughing.

I was upset. Annoyed. But whatever.

I walked into the first store with pants I saw. I walked in and just got as many as I could. I agree. The pants I'm wearing are horrible. I just didn't like what that girl and her friends said.

"I'll take these." I said as I get my dad's credit card.

I bought 3 pants and 1 short.

"That will be 345$ Dollars." said the lady of the cashier.

After I payed I decided to buy my luggage.

I walked into a really good store with great stuff, and I got a really nice pink luggage. Now this is suitable for me to go to Paris.

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