Enviously Evil: The Tale of Snow White Revisited

We all know the fairytale "Snow White". This is a twisted retelling of the much loved old story in the perspective of Snow White's "evil" step-mother and that is for a school project.
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2. Chapter One

She was beautiful. She had skin as white as snow, hair as black as ebony wood and lips as red as blood – just like her mother wished for, as her father, her only remaining blood-related parent, told me. She was sweet and sincere. Innocent. She honestly was a beautiful person. I do confess of attempting to murder Snow White, I do, I do. But she is alive, must I proceed with this imprisonment?

    But I must be honest. Oh, will you please believe me when I tell you: it is not my fault! That malicious mirror hung on my wall ever since a child. I would speak to it and it would speak back – always. I do not expect you to believe me but I beg for your forgiveness because I really do speak of the truth. All this time, I have believed that mirror was magical and it was my friend—I have owned it ever since a little girl—but it really is a demon trapped in a frame of glass. It cursed me; it hypnotised me; it possessed me! It injected envy into my blood, into my veins and into my heart. Nevertheless, you do not believe this, am I right? You just laugh hysterically and call me a psychopath. You mock my words and taunt me. You say that I deserve it, but honestly I am innocent. Just because I have grim in my surname, it does not mean I have an evil trait. My forename is quite the opposite to my surname, so perhaps my prison fate was obvious, I was just not intelligent or skilled in sign-reading enough to read it.

    For me to attempt to persuade you to understand the honest truth, I must share my life story with you. And to do this, I must start at the very beginning...


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