Before chap story;
I look over at my twin, her hands covered with blood,
I thirsted for more.. She looked at me and smirked.
She rubbed the blood on her pants, and stood up.
As we walked away from her body, we ran straight..
Straight ahead for the... Forest.

Read for more info ~



Anna's POV

I woke up my eyesight half faded, it was so dark and I felt really dizzy,

I looked around, my neck is so sore. Where's Hannah? I think to myself.

What happened? Where am I? All I remember is that masked guy slitting me..

I remember moaning in pain and Hannah blacking out and coughing up blood.

I don't get anything that just happened.. I look around once more my eyesight less faded then it was before,

I see Hannah tied up and her mouth taped, that must mean my mouths taped too.

As well as tied up, she is still blacked out.. I think to myself. I look at her with sad eyes,

and try to make a bunch of ideas in my head with what could have happened,

I also pass out again, but regain consciousness quickly and silently.

Hannah starts fluttering her eyes, she still looks unconscious I think to myself.

After a while, she seems to finally open her eyes, she doesn't seem as dizzy as I was.

She looked around a little frightened and finally met with my eyes, and gave me a really sad puppy-eyed look.

Then we hear voices and close our eyes.


*???* Ugh why can't I just kill them.

*???* No Jeff I see great potential in these two..

*Jeff* But I want them to go to sleep!!

*???* They kill people, and are not afraid of death.

*Jeff* So... (Sigh).

*???* I'm thinking of making them my proxies.

*Jeff* WHAT?!... Oh hell no Slendy.

*Slendy* Don't call me that child...

*Jeff* Slendy, Slendy, SLANDAY!!! Ugh I hate you.

*Slendy* I know that, And please don't call me that.


As the talking seems to stop, me and Hannah opens our eyes slowly,

I point my head to the door and she nods quickly,

and then we hear the same voices from before.


"Hallo ladays." says Jeff


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