Before chap story;
I look over at my twin, her hands covered with blood,
I thirsted for more.. She looked at me and smirked.
She rubbed the blood on her pants, and stood up.
As we walked away from her body, we ran straight..
Straight ahead for the... Forest.

Read for more info ~



Anna's POV

"U-umm.." I mutter and bite my lip, He smirks and walks to look out his window, we both can see it's getting late, as the bright crystal moon rises higher and higher. "S-so.. Can I see my sister.." I ask with a slight smile. "Of course." Jeff says nodding, "Follow me, she and Slender would be in his room by now." I nod and follow him out his room, we walk through the dark hallway but there's torches around to regain the light in the darkness. We walk for another 5 minutes and reach as what is Slender's room. Jeff knocks on the door "Hey! Slender!" He bangs on the door harder, Then the door opens. "Learn some manners Jeff." Slender says approaching the door because his tentacle opened the door. "Anna wants to ask you something." Jeff crosses his arms and faces me, "U-um can I please have some alone time with my sister.." I ask slowly and shyly. "Yes, of course you can!" Slender says happily, Hannah approaches the door and grabs my hand and pulls me in. "Nice room." I comment to Slender with a grin. I grab Hannah's arm and pull her onto the bed and we both sit on it and get comfortable "I think.. I.." I start and bite my lip and look at Jeff and he catches my looking at him and I quickly look down as if I never looked at him. "You what?" Hannah says giving me a confused look. "I think I like Jeff.." I say looking down blushing. "But isn't he.. like.. gay.. while Laughing Jack.." She said oddly, "Yeah.. But maybe he may not be full gay.. Maybe he's bi-sexual.." I say getting redder. "We don't even fully know who these guys are Anna, they could be rapists, pedos, stalkers, murders..." She whispers, I bite my lip on the last one. 'Murders'.


"Ladies it's getting late, you guys should hit the hay and get some rest." Slender says interrupting us. "Okay." I reply and get up and smile at Hannah and walk to the door where Jeff still stands. I shut the door as I walk out, "Time to get back." Jeff says smiling a little bit, "Okay." I reply with a nod. -10 Minutes Later- We walk through into Jeff's room, "I gotta go to the bathroom" He says and walks through to the bathroom and shuts and locks the door. I may as well get ready for bed. I take off my shirt and pants and crawl into Jeff's bed and go onto one side. His bed is really nice and warm I get comfortable before Jeff comes back into the room. Jeff enters the room and smirks. He's shirtless with pants on, I bite my lip as he climbs into bed and faces me for a second. "You look... nice." He says with a smirk, I smile at him he kisses my forehead and smiles. "Goodnight." He says and turns around and gets to sleep. Did that kiss mean something? I don't want to do something wrong and make him mad at me. I'm confused. I don't know if that kiss meant something or not.

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